Amped DX Interviews Upon the Burning Sands - Screenshots, Too!

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[url="http://dx.ampednews.com/"][b]Amped DX[/b][/url] has had the opportunity to interview the great UO North Africa mod [url="http://www.blackwatermods.com/utbs/"][b]Upon the Burning Sands[/b][/url], and they've even got new screenshots, too! I think all the content is exclusive, so all I can include here is an excerpt from the interview, but [url="http://dx.ampednews.com/?page=articles&id=10795"][b]click here[/b][/url] to see it all! My favorite parts: [quote][b]Which Allied countries will be playable in UBTS? Which Axis countries?[/b] Blackwater: Allies feature US 1st Infantry Division (aka The Big Red One), as well as British 7th Armoured and Australian 1st Armoured Divisions (aka The Desert Rats). Axis will feature Rommel’s Afrika Korps, the 21st and 15th Panzer Divisions, as well as the Italian Ariete, Littorio and XXI Divisions. [b]What sorts of weapons or vehicles do you plan on adding?[/b] Blackwater: We plan on adding a TON of new weapons and vehicles. Just to name a few, we already have the Italian Moschetto in-game with its very own animations, we are also featuring Italian rifles and pistols, new British HMG’s including the Vickers and a portable .50 cal. In addition, we are modifying some existing weapons to add depth and realism, for example, we have a scopeless Springfield 1903 rifle to balance bolt-action rifles in technician classes (Medics, Engineers, etc.) Vehicle-wise, we have a bunch of new ones, check our site for some screens. To name a few we have in-game—the German Panzer III Ausf J, the US lend-lease British M3 Stuart “Honey" and the Italian L6-40. We also have communications and troop transport vehicles modeled and waiting to go in-game.[/quote]

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