Barbarossa II: Smolensk Beta 2 Released!

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Published by xXezekielXx 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Now released is the second version of the latest map sensation from After-Hourz, Barbarossa II: Smolensk! This version features tons of great fixes and additions and is highly recommended in the place of the older version. Read all the changes below, check out the statement, and download Smolensk today! :thumbsup: Beta 2 Changes
  • Added more buildings near Russian Base #3
  • Extended trenchworks at East Ridge
  • Added trench near Russian Base #1
  • Added fencing and structures near stone bridge
  • Repositioned vehicles for certain gametypes
  • Increased or limited AT Gun traverse depending on gun
  • Added new models for cattails
  • Added more cover and terrain work throughout the map
  • Satchel Charges now respawn
  • Added rockets in a few areas
  • Portals modified to improve FPS
Click here to download Smolensk Beta 2 from FileFront!
Map by: Mark "Slyk" Dittman Scripting: Innocent Bystander Models and Skins: Lex and Postman 778 Development Team presents: "Barbarossa II-Smolensk (Beta 2)" The Blitzkrieg continues! Guderian's Panzer and Infantry divisions continue their eastward drive in mid-July, 1941. After the stunning successes of the early weeks of 'Operation Barbarossa', the Wehrmacht is beginning to feel the effects of constant combat. Losses are mounting and calls for replacements are beginning to be heard from foot and mechanized units. Panzer Group 2 now sets its sights on encircling hundreds of thousands of Russian troops in and around the city of Smolensk. The men and machines of the 10th Panzer and SS Reich Divisions push forward south of Smolensk, driving to capture vital road and rail links coming south from the city. As these units move ever deeper inside Russian territory, resistance and local counterattacks grow. Select your role in part of history being remade. Join now in part two of the single greatest adventure in Call of Duty Multiplayer -- take part in 'Barbarossa II - Smolensk'! Featuring the vehicles and stationary weapons of 2005's 'Barbarossa', 'Smolensk' depicts the onslaught of the German Panzer and Infantry men of Panzer Group 2 as they surge toward encircling the city of Smolensk. Public Beta 1 offers you the chance to play the latest and perhaps best CONQUEST gametype map. CONQUEST sees both teams fighting to maintain control of vital defensive and observation locations thoughout varied and challenging terrain, villages and farms. All the unique custom vehicles from After-Hourz play a major role in all gametypes and offer new challenges. Conquest, Base Assault, and Capture the Flag are featured gametypes. What are you waiting for? The Blitzkrieg has only begun! More than a map; this is a battlefield! ========== To download 'Smolensk', visit / Smolensk This map requires the After-Hourz Vehicle Pack which is INCLUDED in this package with the 'Barbarossa-Berezina' file: Barbarossa Vehicles & Map For vehicle information and details, see here: AHz Vehicles Information
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