CoD2HQ.com Launches BETA League - Looking for Gamers!

By xXezekielXx 19 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Here's for all you 'leaguers' out there. :P All the info is below... [quote]In preparation for Call of Duty 2's release, CoD2HQ.com is opening a BETA league for [b]Call of Duty: United Offensive[/b]. The game will be [b]4v4 Rifles Only S&D[/b] and will be played as a Double Elimination tournament. This means that the first matches will all be random. The winners will be in a "Winners" bracket, and the losers of the first match will be in the "Losers" bracket. If you lose a second time, you are out of the league entirely. If one of the teams in the "Winners" bracket loses a match, they move to the "Losers" bracket and compete there, until they lose a second time. The winner of the "Winners" bracket then plays the winner of the "Losers" bracket for ultimate bragging rights. This is a league - all matches will be played on a set date and time and on chosen maps by the administrator. The dates will be [b]Fridays @ 9:30pm EST[/b]. We feel this is going to be a VERY popular tournament style and look forward to a good turnout post-CoD2 release. We will be testing this league with only [b]6 teams[/b], so it is important that if you want to sign up, you do so immediately, as slots will be filling up quickly. E-mail: [url="mailto:[email protected]?subject=League"][b][email protected][/b][/url] with your clan name, roster size, and website. Note you need [b]at least 4 players[/b] to play in this tournament. Kindly, Jdawgg[/quote]

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