LastTeamStanding to Hold 24-Hour TDM Barbarossa Competition

By xXezekielXx 17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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BLACKSIX and the LastTeamStanding crew have a massive Barbarossa bash coming up for all you CoDUO players out there. :) For all of you gamers who were living under a rock during this time, Barbarossa was a smashing success produced by the great After-Hourz team for big-time CoDUO battles, custom vehicles and all. You can find the map [file="43452"][b]here[/b][/file] on CoDFiles; after you get that, read the statement from LastTeamStanding, and join the ranks today! :thumbsup: [quote]I would like to invite anyone interested in playing a 24-hour TDM on Barbarossa to come visit [url="http://www.lastteamstanding.com"][b]www.LastTeamStanding.com[/b][/url] and sign up to play. The 40-player server hosting the event is private, so only players that register on the LTS site will receive the password via e-mail and be able to participate. All clans and solo gamers alike are welcome. Be sure to check out our schedule of future events; we look forward to gaining a regular set of players for all our upcoming events. Admins monitor all games, and cheaters will be banned. Teamspeak and game server IPs can be found on our forums. Also, we do run a 40-player public UO server that you can visit and play on at any time, again as either a clan player or just a solo gamer. Thanks LTS Owner, BLACKSIX[/quote] -xXezekielXx

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