Call of Duty: United Offensive

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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Deathmatch
Deathmatch MP Cobra

Be an allie or an axis and fight in a typical small village in Normandy, in the Cotentin (Manche). Cobra is the name of the american operat...


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Deathmatch + Big-Boom +

This is a mediam sized map built for 10-15 players in a Deathmatch, we have had many maps from VC Cabbage in the last day(s) and we are hop...


Deathmatch [VC] Cabbage's Desert

Here we have a small deathmatch map sized for 2 - 4 people!! If you like fast paced fraggin then this is a map for you.... Download it now a...


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Deathmatch AP-enigma

Some map first time map that may be on a machine maybe not


Deathmatch Enigmaville

A nice little dm map from enigma with help from clan mate chalky(My bad with name)


Deathmatch Enigma-Warehouse

Another map from AP enigma made a warehouse this time


Deathmatch Enigma-Fort

Read the read me thats what it there for small map as usual


Deathmatch Hourglass Beta

A nice looking map with a large hourglass shaped battleground in the center.


Deathmatch mp_HellBox

Here is a cool map by a new mapper in our database: L33tCoder. This is his first map and it's called 'MP_Hellbox' for some obvious reasons....


Deathmatch 4 Rooms

The Terminator has released his first map called 4_rooms. This 4 room house is great for head to head battles and the doors open and close w...


Deathmatch MP Bloodbath

Here's a new map by a new developer in the database, who is known only as MadScotsLad. This map is called MP Bloodbath, and is designed for...