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Capture The Flag Hong Kong

~TWZ~The[)r* has produced another conversion for CoDUO (CTF only), which came from a Soldiers of Fortune 2 map. I never played SoF2, but I...


Capture The Flag CSS Italy

Here's another CTF-only, CoDUO conversion by ~TWZ~The[)r*, this time of a map from Counter Strike: Source. My complaints are the same as w...


Capture The Flag Pavia Italy

A MOH port map. Why the different name? Because it's all retexured to look like Css_Italy. That is why it is called Pavia_Italy.


Capture The Flag Wehrmacht Bridge

Here's an update on the recently released Wehrmacht Bridge map, the CoDUO CTF-only remake of America's Army "Bridge." I'm not exactly sure...


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Capture The Flag Wehrmacht Bridge

Here's a cool new map conversion from America's Army by the CoDUO CTF converter himself, ~TWZ~The[)r*. This is probably one of my most favo...


Capture The Flag SS Headquarters

Here's another CoDUO release submitted by ~TWZ~The[)r* for today, this one being a CTF remake of an old CoD map known as SS Headquarters (o...


Capture The Flag The Bridge

Here's another CTF-only CoDUO multi-player map conversion by ~TWZ~The[)r*, this one being of the familiar Bridge map for the original Medal...


Capture The Flag CTF Abbey

Here's a sweet CoDUO CTF version of crip102468's map Abbey, converted by ~TWZ~The[)r*. If you ever liked playing that map, then I know yo...


Capture The Flag CTF Nuenen

Here's another great CoDUO CTF conversion by ~TWZ~The[)r*, this time of crip102468's Nuenen map. Once again, if you had a fun time with t...


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Capture The Flag -{SaS}- Streets

Saints and Sinners Streets is the first of a line of SaS Maps made By -{SaS}- Placebo. this map is CTF only for Call of Duty UO


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Capture The Flag -{SaS}- Maze

Run through the maze, collect the flag and get back before the snipers get you!


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Capture The Flag -{SaS}- Bridge Assault

Assault the enemy's bridge and work your way back to your own bridge alive!


Base Assault Kharkov BAS

Here we have another excellent bsp-editing job by |OCG|=gLiTcH=. This work makes it possible for servers to run Kharkov on the gametype Bas...


Jump Maps Jr's Jump Map

Here is the 2nd version of my jump map. I added a few ladders where you can get stuck. I had fun making it. -ghostriderjr


Jump Maps Jt Random

It's a tricky map. Big maze and some moving platforms and other jumps. Those with experience can finish the map in about two minutes. It isn...