Call of Duty: United Offensive

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Maps UO Island Madness II

A large Cod/Uo mp map - ready to install.


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Maps Storm Force 2 UO

The premise of the map is that a British glider has crashed near a small French country village with a train depot that acts as a transporta...


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Maps WoodLand (Final, Fixed)

This version of WoodLand features a fixed skybox.


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Maps AWP Jungle (Final)

This map is made for CoDUO with compatibility in DM, TDM, and CTF.


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Maps African Front Map Pack

A map pack containing multiplayer maps for the Call of Duty United Offensive mod, African Front.


Deathmatch MP Cobra

Be an allie or an axis and fight in a typical small village in Normandy, in the Cotentin (Manche). Cobra is the name of the american operat...


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Deathmatch + Big-Boom +

This is a mediam sized map built for 10-15 players in a Deathmatch, we have had many maps from VC Cabbage in the last day(s) and we are hop...


Deathmatch [VC] Cabbage's Desert

Here we have a small deathmatch map sized for 2 - 4 people!! If you like fast paced fraggin then this is a map for you.... Download it now a...


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Deathmatch AP-enigma

Some map first time map that may be on a machine maybe not


Deathmatch Enigmaville

A nice little dm map from enigma with help from clan mate chalky(My bad with name)


Deathmatch Enigma-Warehouse

Another map from AP enigma made a warehouse this time


Deathmatch Enigma-Fort

Read the read me thats what it there for small map as usual


Deathmatch Hourglass Beta

A nice looking map with a large hourglass shaped battleground in the center.


Deathmatch mp_HellBox

Here is a cool map by a new mapper in our database: L33tCoder. This is his first map and it's called 'MP_Hellbox' for some obvious reasons....


Deathmatch 4 Rooms

The Terminator has released his first map called 4_rooms. This 4 room house is great for head to head battles and the doors open and close w...


Deathmatch MP Bloodbath

Here's a new map by a new developer in the database, who is known only as MadScotsLad. This map is called MP Bloodbath, and is designed for...


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Map Packs Codfiles UO Map Pack 4

ok it's been while since i released a map pack for the community, i like to thanks all those map developers for creating maps so that i am...


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Map Packs CoDFiles UO Map Pack 5

ok it's been while since i released a map pack for the community, i like to thanks all those map developers for creating maps so that i am a...


Map Packs CDN Mercs Map Pack 2007

Col. Phil Bilko made the decision to release all his CoD maps in one great pack for 2007. This includes eight maps converted for CoDUO use...


Map Packs Ekarus Map Pack

Here's a sweet new UO map pack by DragonEkarus containing three astounding levels: Sniper Watch, Winter City, and Winter Strike. In Sniper W...


Map Packs De Cobble Clavo CSL Remixed Map Pack

)r* (haven't heard from him in a while). The names are confusing at...