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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Mini-Mods
Mini-Mods Intensity SP Total Conversion

Wow, this Total Conversion is one of the best i know 10/10 thanks Ark


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Mini-Mods Realistic UO Battlegrounds v1 (client-side)

Wow again xXezekielXx has created another master piece! this little tool is very cool to use simply and easy to use.


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Mini-Mods Custom_Nades_Changed_uo

A really good grenade explosion skin by Celle, It looks assum for a first skin and works with uo too! So download it like i ahve a leave som...


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Mini-Mods Mercenaires Realism Mod

Heres what this mod changes: Tanks: Increase speed of elephant and SU 152 Increase canon damage of Panzer IV, Sherman and...


Mini-Mods Gas Gun

This mod turns the MP40 into a Flamethrower, and the Thompson in semi-auto to a Flamethrower.


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Mini-Mods Real Weapons REALISM to the Call of Duty U.O

Here's a realism mod that puts some stuff at a more correct historical level of power.


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Mini-Mods 51

A very small map to play on.


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Mini-Mods Pistol Flak 88 mod

A funny mod which makes pistols fire 88mm shells for MP.... Check out now!! :D


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Mini-Mods UO Weapon Names Realism

The CoD:UO version of realistic weapon names. Enjoy (^_^)


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Mini-Mods Unconditional Surrender

The Unconditional Surrender mod team has released the final version of their pre-beta. This version contains stat changes in weapons, vehic...


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Mini-Mods CoD UO Menu

Here we have a cool looking menu screen which features a soldier! A great little download which looks alot better than the default, Download...


Mini-Mods Headshot Mod

Here we have a little online mod which adds headshot-voice messages (specified for Allies and Axis ) fro...


Mini-Mods ContractKillers Skin and Sound Mod

This came as a surprise! A CoDUO clan has created a very large mod that contains a collection of skins and sounds for all sorts of differen...


Mini-Mods Third Infantry Division Menu Mod

I don't usually like clan-themed mods - it's like buying shirts with big company advertisements - but I found this one really good! ;) It...


Mini-Mods Project VoODoO UO

The developer known as Urded, creator of Project VoODoO Reloaded based on SuMMo's Project VoODo...


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Mini-Mods (IA) Clan Mod Pack

Here we have a new UO mod pack from the (IA) clan. It comes jam-packed with 5 amazing mods, including more powerful weapons, Panzers that sh...


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Mini-Mods Bash Only Mod

Here's a bash-only mod for Call of Duty UO based on the Behind Enemy Lines gametype. The mod still allows you to pick your weapon of choice,...