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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Miscellaneous
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Miscellaneous Blue and Orange Smoke

Here we have a file which changes the default white cloudy smoke to either orange or blue. The choice is yours, Check out the screenshots an...


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Miscellaneous Flash Grenades

A really cool replacement for smoke grenades. It adds a big flash to 'em. Check out the screenshots.


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Miscellaneous Bishamonten's Skin Pack #2

Here we have a cool, new pack of skins from Bishamonten including a slew of new weapon skins and a few new player ones as well. Nice lookin...


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Miscellaneous Dorkusgrate's Flak 88 Skin

A nice, new, and very creative Flak 88 skin from =8THID=CIC.Dorkusgrate... he's definitely been busy ;).


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Miscellaneous Bishamonten's Skin Pack #3

More great skins from Bishamonten! This pack includes some weapon skins from the last pack and also some awesome new player skins ;).


Miscellaneous BNPK's UO Main Menu

Here's BNPK's menu screen for UO! It looks great - see for yourself in the screenshot below. :P


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Miscellaneous BNPK's UO Main Menu Screen

Here we've got a cool main menu screen for UO made by BNPK, which is based on the picture off the UO box. Looks good! ;)


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Miscellaneous ThaButcher's Menu and Map-Load Screens

Here we have a great little pack that includes a UO main menu screen and also a sweet new map-load screen. Check out the screenshots, and d...


Miscellaneous Dorkusgrate's Pin-up/Babe Mod for CODUO

Hah, well, every game's got to have at least one of these, right? I don't think an explanation is required; just see the screenshot. :P Oh...


Miscellaneous Rapt0r's .30 cal UO Main Menu

A multi-player main menu for Call of Duty: United Offensive, featuring a .30 Cal ammo box. See the screenshot.


Miscellaneous Rapt0r's .30 cal UO Main Menu

Here's the second version of Rapt0r's newest menu... it features a changed backdrop (wooden table), which I personally think looks much ni...


Miscellaneous AWOL Menu Mod Lite

Here's a sweet little menu mini-mod that gives your CoDUO menu a new color scheme, music, and even a moving sky background! Check out the s...


Miscellaneous Trooper Menu Backdrop

This is a really neat menu for use with United Offensive.


Miscellaneous SubDub's CoDUO Background

Here we have a beautiful menu background and loading screen combo, which was made from existing CoDUO dev screenshots. Don't be fooled tho...


Miscellaneous Salute to the Fallen: Iwo Jima Background

As the title states, this is a menu mod that changes the menu background in UO to the famous picture of American troops raising a flag over...


Miscellaneous Salute To The Fallen: Pearl Harbor UO Background

Here's another remembrance background by Trevor The Vampire, which shows a picture of a sinking U.S. battleship (I'm assuming it's the U.S.S...


Miscellaneous Salute to the Fallen: D-Day Order UO Background

Here's the third of Trevor The Vampire's "Salute to the Fallen" backgrounds for CoD and CoDUO. This time, it features the classic photo...


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Miscellaneous Scope 3 Mod

I have no idea why this is called "Scope 3 Mod," but anyway, it's just a port of a scope from another mod for use in CoDUO. It looks pre...


Miscellaneous Scarface Compass and Scope Skins

Here's a cool new mod by Mr. WhiZZIE and Ms. Bojangles for fans of Scarface and Al Pacino. As the name implies, you'll get the magic...


Miscellaneous Scarface Scope

Here's an updated to scope that should go with the recently released Scarface Compass and Scope Skins by Mr....


Miscellaneous IA Health Pack

Here's a funny new skin for the health pack by a developer known as (IA) Reinhard Heydrich. This one, supposedly only for CoDUO though I'm...


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Miscellaneous IA Smoke Can Skin

Here's another funny Duff beer skin by (IA) Reinhard Heydrich that makes your CoDUO smoke grenades into nice little brewskies for your sold...


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Miscellaneous El Nastico Gigante's CoDUO Art Collection

By now you must be sick and tired of all the old WWII era art on your maps. So how about an upgrade? Yep, it's my One-of-a-Kind Art Collecti...


Miscellaneous Eastern Front Stuka

War_Crimes brings us a "100% real with swastika and all the decals." This is the Stuka Dive Bomber flown by Major Helmut Bode Commander III/...