Call of Duty: United Offensive

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Attack & Defend Gametype MenDAKE 30KB 1291
Jeep And Tank Mod cptaston 3KB 1854
ghostriderjr's PPS43 for UO ghostriderjr 274KB 65
GhostriderJr's Weapon Mod ghostriderjr 2.74MB 64
GhostriderJr's Weapon Mod ghostriderjr 3.11MB 157
Teddy Fight kruku445 701KB 58
Modern Sniper Mod kruku445 11.23MB 175
PPS43 for UO ghostriderjr 378KB 93
Jrs Scoped MP44 for UO ghostriderjr 592KB 94
Intensity SP Total Conversion Ark 28.21MB 6031
Realistic UO Battlegrounds v1 (client-side) xXezekielXx 193KB 845
Custom_Nades_Changed_uo Celle 5KB 1093
Mercenaires Realism Mod ColdHand 82KB 1216
Gas Gun Guest 1.77MB 1556
Real Weapons REALISM to the Call of Duty U.O CEAL mod team 2.06MB 3689
51 thereedbonater 768KB 773
Pistol Flak 88 mod Rimshot 797KB 1700
UO Weapon Names Realism {ReVo}TheGunnerySergeant[T] 1.04MB 971
Unconditional Surrender Unconditional Surrender devs 10.02MB 987
CoD UO Menu ThaButcher 667KB 1361
Headshot Mod b@STARd 392KB 2749
ContractKillers Skin and Sound Mod David AKA Cowboy 65.11MB 886
Third Infantry Division Menu Mod Jimenez 930KB 316
Project VoODoO UO Urded 154.55MB 278
(IA) Clan Mod Pack (IA) Reinhard Heydrich 158KB 305
Bash Only Mod Mox 64KB 66
Realistic UO Battlegrounds xXezekielXx 194KB 1364
AWE Capture the Flag Bell 1.26MB 1042
CoD on Speed Guest 5KB 1386
AWEUO 1.1 BETA 6 Bell 1.3MB 3250
Tatakai Server Scan Guest 940KB 1721
UO Realism Mod ColdHand 90KB 1885
Additional War Effects Bell 2.08MB 8462
Attack and Defend Gametype MenDAKE 29KB 856
Flak 88 Server Options Expansion |OCG|=gLiTcH= 13KB 832
Anemic Crayon's Not so Realism :TJ:.AnemicCrayon 753KB 477
BJustReal Realism Bjusterbaarlik 240KB 885
CODUO Spectator Music 13|Bullyson 3.08MB 1636
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 322KB 1288
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 338KB 1521
UO AWE Bell 3.96MB 3190
UO AWE Bell 3.89MB 6126
Merciless UO Merciless 45.09MB 5648
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 357KB 4950
GRUM Godfried 21KB 382
GRUM Godfried 23KB 1022
MPSH UO Weapon Mod [AFK]_SMoKI 995KB 381
MPSH UO Weapon Mod [AFK]_SMoKI 2.43MB 2351
UOMPF Lite xXezekielXx 10.83MB 1085
Bee's MeGa MoD _Killerbee_ 440KB 384