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Flags German Flag Skin

Here we have a German flag skin for CTF in United Offensive. The flag features the Nazi Swastika and it looks great ingame, A simply effect...


Flags Mc Fark Flags

In the pk3 are 4 flag skins which replace that stock flags, They look much better and add that extra feeling to the game!! Download them now...


Flags Anti-Nazi DOM/CTF Flags

Here we have some awesome anti-Nazi flags done by Revenge of the nerd, which show a fist smashing the party's symbol of evil. See the scre...


Flags gh0sT d0wN's USA Pirate Flag

Here's a sweet Pirate Flag by gh0sT d0wN to replace the American TDM, CTF, and DOM flags in CODUO. Check out the screenshot below, and down...


Mini-Mods Intensity SP Total Conversion

Wow, this Total Conversion is one of the best i know 10/10 thanks Ark


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Mini-Mods Realistic UO Battlegrounds v1 (client-side)

Wow again xXezekielXx has created another master piece! this little tool is very cool to use simply and easy to use.


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Mini-Mods Custom_Nades_Changed_uo

A really good grenade explosion skin by Celle, It looks assum for a first skin and works with uo too! So download it like i ahve a leave som...


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Mini-Mods Mercenaires Realism Mod

Heres what this mod changes: Tanks: Increase speed of elephant and SU 152 Increase canon damage of Panzer IV, Sherman and...


Mini-Mods Gas Gun

This mod turns the MP40 into a Flamethrower, and the Thompson in semi-auto to a Flamethrower.


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Mini-Mods Real Weapons REALISM to the Call of Duty U.O

Here's a realism mod that puts some stuff at a more correct historical level of power.


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Mini-Mods 51

A very small map to play on.


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Mini-Mods Pistol Flak 88 mod

A funny mod which makes pistols fire 88mm shells for MP.... Check out now!! :D


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Mini-Mods UO Weapon Names Realism

The CoD:UO version of realistic weapon names. Enjoy (^_^)


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Mini-Mods Unconditional Surrender

The Unconditional Surrender mod team has released the final version of their pre-beta. This version contains stat changes in weapons, vehic...


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Mini-Mods CoD UO Menu

Here we have a cool looking menu screen which features a soldier! A great little download which looks alot better than the default, Download...


Mini-Mods Headshot Mod

Here we have a little online mod which adds headshot-voice messages (specified for Allies and Axis ) fro...


Mini-Mods ContractKillers Skin and Sound Mod

This came as a surprise! A CoDUO clan has created a very large mod that contains a collection of skins and sounds for all sorts of differen...


Mini-Mods Third Infantry Division Menu Mod

I don't usually like clan-themed mods - it's like buying shirts with big company advertisements - but I found this one really good! ;) It...


Mini-Mods Project VoODoO UO

The developer known as Urded, creator of Project VoODoO Reloaded based on SuMMo's Project VoODo...


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Mini-Mods (IA) Clan Mod Pack

Here we have a new UO mod pack from the (IA) clan. It comes jam-packed with 5 amazing mods, including more powerful weapons, Panzers that sh...


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Mini-Mods Bash Only Mod

Here's a bash-only mod for Call of Duty UO based on the Behind Enemy Lines gametype. The mod still allows you to pick your weapon of choice,...


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Multi-Player Realistic UO Battlegrounds

An updated version of xXezekielXx's mod.


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Multi-Player AWE Capture the Flag

Here we have the AWE 1.41 mod for UO!! It works with all the stock maps and any custom map that supports TDM. Added flag home posi...


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Multi-Player CoD on Speed

here it is, a little mod that makes all of the vehicals including tanks go mutch faster panzer,sherman, and t-34's speed set to 100 all...