Call of Duty: United Offensive

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All Files In This Category
Name Rating Developer Filesize Downloads
Anemic Crayon's Not so Realism :TJ:.AnemicCrayon 753KB 477
BJustReal Realism Bjusterbaarlik 240KB 885
CODUO Spectator Music 13|Bullyson 3.08MB 1,636
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 322KB 1,289
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 338KB 1,522
UO AWE Bell 3.89MB 6,130
Merciless UO Merciless 45.09MB 5,655
Platinum WAR MOD Matthias Lorenz 357KB 4,950
GRUM Godfried 21KB 382
GRUM Godfried 23KB 1,022
MPSH UO Weapon Mod [AFK]_SMoKI 995KB 381
MPSH UO Weapon Mod [AFK]_SMoKI 2.43MB 2,352
UOMPF Lite xXezekielXx 10.83MB 1,087
Bee's MeGa MoD _Killerbee_ 440KB 385
Grenade Wars Tacticious 68KB 3,025
Wolfsbane’s Realism Mod Wolfsbane 296KB 1,861
Wolfsbane Realism Mod v6 for GFM Slipstick 404KB 377
Tally's UO Bolt-Action Rifle Mod Tally 3.63MB 991
Tally's UO Grease Gun Tally 1.7MB 1,235
nedUO nedd3h 1.36MB 537
ZoXo Custom Mod ZoXo 7.06MB 433
ZoXo All Weapons ZoXo 985KB 1,293
AWEUO 2.11 PanzerSS Enhanced Mod Robert L. 5.53MB 1,844
ZoXo Custom Mod ZoXo 26.68MB 371
CoDUO Teamplay Enhanced Mod DooMest 175KB 350
Uber'No0bie's Rifles-Only Mod SuMMo (a.k.a. Uber'No0b!e) 5.34MB 271
Uber'No0bie's Rifles-Only Mod SuMMo (a.k.a. Uber'No0b!e) 55KB 291
Kommando Sniper Mod [SSoM]MannVonPanZer 2.37MB 717
Jet Pack Mod Boux 236KB 227
Jet Pack 2x4 Mod Boux 77KB 549
BJustReal Realism -={AA}=-Bjusterbaarlik & God 3.66MB 357
Ultimate Weapons Mod SgtDylan 9.37MB 394
Ultimate Weapons Mod SgtDylan 9.2MB 273
Modern Weapons Mod for UO John F Remco 20.48MB 976
Weapons Mod from the (IA) Clan (IA) Reinhard Heydrich 50KB 303
nedUO nedd3h 2MB 170
Pistol Mod _UN_T_34 14.79MB 100
Gunning CPTwesley 21.76MB 225
CODUO Extra MP Weapons Master_Shooter 81.72MB 228