Call of Duty: United Offensive
Panzer IV

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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Panzer IV
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Panzer IV Hector's Panzer IV

After his recent smashing success of an Elefant skin, he's got more for us! Hector has brought us a very nice Panzer IV skin, the full des...


Panzer IV Ambush Camo Panzer

Here we have a third and very nicely done version of the Ambush Camo Panzer. A very worthy download, Grab it now and check it out yourself....


Panzer IV SPLinT_CeLL's Panzer Camo Pack

The author made this because "the file inventory is lacking a historically correct Panzer IV camouflage scheme." He assures us that this is...


Panzer IV SPLinT_CeLL's Dark Camo SS Pzkpfw IV

If Darth Vader had a Panzer, it would look something like this. :) See the screenshots, and enjoy!