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Skins Zenith's GFM Menu Port to CODUO

How could you not like the GFM main menu graphics? :) Zenith took it upon himself to port it to CODUO, so you can enjoy it ALL the time. ;)


Skins MPSH GS-Series Tactical UO Scopes

The GS-series fixed power telescope sight for all sniper rifles tailored for accuracy & reliablity. Increased diameter wide view lens with r...


Skins Improved Kill Icons for CoD:UO Multiplayer

You may have noticed that the kill icons in CoD are fully opaque, while the kill icons for the new UO weapons are partially transparent and...


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Skins 8THID Clan skin

It is NOT meant to be realistic. Will work in MP on non-pure servers or those with the pk3 that run pure. Can be seen on numerous maps and i...


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Skins 2nd Rangers Skin

These are similar to the ones in Saving Private Ryan and were made mainly by using photo skins. They are primarily for MP.


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Skins Bishamonten's Skin Pack #1

The thompson gun has new wood and lots of other stuff. The wehrmacht guy now has a brown tunic because from the pictures ive seen they wore...


Skins Hector's Menu Screen

Scroll down to see Hector's newest release: a menu screen that features an American soldier and a Sherman tank. :)


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Compass Realistic Compass

Here we have a more detailed compass which is diffrent from the default. A cool download which works for both Cod + UO. Download it now and...


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Compass Leonard Compass Skin

Here we have a basic compass skin which features Leonard Lawrence from Full Metal Jacket and uses the background of the compass in Medal of...


Compass BuckDich's CoDUO Compass

Here's a cool little compass skin by BuckDich, which features a skull in the center and the cardinal directions in what looks to be an iron...


Compass BuckDich's Iron Cross CoDUO Compass

Here's another CoDUO compass by BuckDich for today, this time of an iron cross and swastika design. This will definitely be appreciated by...


Compass Bear's Biohazard Compass

Here's a clever little compass by a new developer for CoDFiles known as Bear (also dancingbear). As the name of the skin indicates, it giv...


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Compass Bear's Skull Compass

Here's another CoDUO compass by Bear, this time of a skull and crossbones with bloody compass labels. If you like morbid stuff, then I gue...


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Loading Screens FX-Team UO Loading Screen

Here we've got what I believe is the first loading screen done for CODUO. :P


Loading Screens UO Loading Screens

Here we have 9 loading screens which will change the default / stock maps loading screens. A great download, check out the screenshot below!...


Loading Screens NJFragger's Kharkov UO Loading Screen

NJFragger has released his second loading screen, this time for CODUO. I think he's already greatly improved! This one features a very dr...


Loading Screens ={BLF}= Pics

Here are some neat screens made by the ={BLF}= clan, which could be used as loading screens, since they're in .bmp format. I think the fir...


Loading Screens RaVeNcRoW's 1ID Loading Screen

Here's a pretty nice loading screen from RaVeNcRoW, which was "inspired" by his clan, +First Infantry Division. What he didn't tel...


Loading Screens Nastico's Gigante Call of Duty UO Map Loading Screens

Stock Map Load Screens. Fully Distributable! Use by Permission...special map load screens for Call of Duty United Offensive. Special artwor...


Loading Screens Cpt.Wesley's Loadscreens

This set of CoDUO loading screens are for the maps: -Rhine Valley -Carentan -Bocage -Brecourt -Dawnville I'm honestly not too much...


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Miscellaneous Blue and Orange Smoke

Here we have a file which changes the default white cloudy smoke to either orange or blue. The choice is yours, Check out the screenshots an...


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Miscellaneous Flash Grenades

A really cool replacement for smoke grenades. It adds a big flash to 'em. Check out the screenshots.


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Miscellaneous Bishamonten's Skin Pack #2

Here we have a cool, new pack of skins from Bishamonten including a slew of new weapon skins and a few new player ones as well. Nice lookin...


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Miscellaneous Dorkusgrate's Flak 88 Skin

A nice, new, and very creative Flak 88 skin from =8THID=CIC.Dorkusgrate... he's definitely been busy ;).