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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Vehicles
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Vehicles UO Custom Vehicles Pack

Here we have some new skins for most of the vehicles for United Offensive only. Heres a little from the authors: They are made ess...


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Vehicles Custom Rimz

Here we have some giovanna 24" for you driving pleasure. The skin looks great ingame and is more of a fun feature. Download it now and go g...


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Vehicles UO Custom Vehicles Pack

This pack changes a bunch of vehicles! It includes: T-34 Elephant SU-152 Panzer Sherman Jeep Horch Gaz MG-42


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Vehicles Panzer 4

This Panzer 4 skin was made for fun although strangely this ambush scheme is actually pretty accurate.


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Vehicles Panzer 4 Camo Skin

Here we have a cool looking Panzer 4 skin as always this skin was made for fun although this ambush scheme is accurate ,nearly a realistic c...


Vehicles Static Vehicle Skins

Here we have some static vehicle skins which work in both CoD + UO. They are not realistic but are loads better than the default. they can b...


Vehicles Tiger Tank Skin

Here we have a great looking Tiger Tank skin which works for both CoD and UO. The skin is not ment to be realistic but just for fun and a ch...


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Vehicles Hnh Vehicle Pack

Here we have a great vehicle skin pack which works nicely with the Hnh skin and sound packs!! Download it now and leave some feedback on wha...


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Vehicles 8THID Panzer and Flakpanzer Skins

Here we've got some excellent skins from =8THID=CIC.Dorkusgrate and =8THID=GOA.Merkava... beautiful Panzer tank and Flakpanzer!


Vehicles 8THID Static Vehicle Skins

Yet another pack of unique skins from =8THID=CIC.Dorkusgrate and =8THID=GOA.Merkava! Once again, good job guys :D.


Vehicles German Obey Vehicles

I have no idea what "Obey" is, but its logo is pasted on these slick, new vehicle skins from Revenge of the nerd. :)


Vehicles US Leopard Vehicles

Here we've got a funny little skin pack, which enables you to "Go to war with style!" Check out the screenshots below, and you'll find...


Vehicles 100% Real ME-109 Skin

War_Crimes brings us his first UO mod, and what do you know? It's a skin! He's made the stock ME-109 into a realistic fighter plane, which t...


Vehicles SPLinT_CeLL's Tiger I for UO MP

Here's an awesome new mod by SPLinT_CeLL that replaces your CoDUO stock multiplayer tank with the Tiger I as seen in CoDUO single-player. Ch...


Vehicles 4th SS Division Vehicles

These are reskins of the Panzer tank and the half-track for CoDUO to make them more realistic and war-torn looking with new division marking...


Vehicles CoDUO Camo Tiger Tank

War_Crimes brings us an update for the skin pack he made for the 4th SS Camo Skins for CoDUO. This will fix an issue with the destroyed vehi...