Call of Duty: United Offensive

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All Files In Call of Duty: United Offensive Weapons
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Weapons hnh_skinpack_v11

new skins include carbine garand luger kar webley tt33 svt40 g43


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Weapons Black Venom's SVT40, G43, and Thompson Skins

changes: svt40 skin g43 skin tt33 skin thompson skin


Weapons Fox's Winter Panzerschreck Skin

Here we have a beautiful winter Panzerschreck skin from Fox. This snowy piece of art might melt it's so hot! (Pardon the humor. I...


Weapons Sd's RuStEd Panzerschreck

Here's a fine looking, rusted panzerschreck skin. Looks great! Download today, and add it to your stash!


Weapons Drink Some Nades

A cool, looking some nade skin. It has 3 different types of colors and more! Download and check it out.


Weapons Heineken Smoke Grenade

Here's a funny new CoDUO smoke grenade skin for the Heineken fans out there. :beer: I remember seeing something exactly like this come out...


Weapons Nano Satchel Camo

I have originally made this compass for People not being able to see the Armed Satchel in maps like Brecourt or Bocage, roughly any grassla...


Weapons Q3 Shotgun

Here's a Quake III model shotgun for CoDUO.