1 Badeye Sten



Here's a new and interesting mod for UO by a new developer, ELindsey, as I call him. This basically puts the Sten on Steroids, giving it 232 bullets to start with, a new and fast firetime (very powerful now!), and a MP44 sound. The author says "Warning this is a bad mother, you may never use another weapon again.", and I agree.

If you want something fun to add to your server, download this mod today!

- djheps



Just kickin' around an idea from the novemberdobbys shotgun. And was looking to modify a weapon that nobody uses on my server. So I put the sten on steroids. Now you have to use it to have a chance at a fire fight. I changed the clipsize, spread, kick, yaw, distance, sound to a mp44 to work on all maps. You will need an all weapons menu such as zoxo_all_weapons pk.3 to use the sten on all maps. Just place in your mod folder and redirects. Warning this is a bad mother, you may never use another weapon again. Thanks go out to novemberdobby, and MODS online for the help with the sound editing on the gun.
Contact info... elindsey34 at sbcglobal dot net

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