[40]BigNasty's Smurfy-Fart Smoke Nade

Here's a funny new CoDUO mod by BigNasty that has his name written all over it. :P The mod changes your smoke grenades into "Smurfy-F...


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Here's a funny new CoDUO mod by [40]BigNasty that has his name written all over it. :P The mod changes your smoke grenades into "Smurfy-Fart" smoke grenades with a nice little sound effect, a cool skin, and new smoke effects to boot. Check out the visuals in the screenshots below, and download the mod now for the whole package! ;)


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Download '40_big_nastys_fart_nade.zip' (277KB)

Thanks for downloading the [40]BigNasty Smurfy-Fart Smoke Nade.

This PK3 file changes your current Smoke Grenade to a Smurfy-Blue
Fart Grenade complete with Digital Surround Engineered Fart Noise Audio,
and Scratch-n-Sniff Odor [and, boy, does Papa Smurf STINK]. Originally 
invented for US production in October 1944 by the BLACKFART corporation,
it was rejected by the Top Military brass as "TOO Massively Destructive".
Those same Military leaders then turned to the less powerful "Atomic Bomb"
shortly there after in August of 1945. The Smurfy-Fart Smoke Nade [Military
Code Name: [40]BMan Blue Smurfnade] has now been made available to the
CODUO Gameserver Public. [This comes of course after a long, successful
television career by the SMURFS, original inventors of the Smurfy-Fart Nade].

This Mod may be used with both Standard CODUO Weapons, and Modern Weapons.
The Mod has been tested successfully on an extended basis with the latest 
ZoXo Modern Weapons Mod.

File works best when installed into you own clan folder, and may
not function properly by dropping into your Main/UO Folder

Thanks to all my Clansmen @ [40]nOver VETS for testing time,
input, and cooperation...Especially [40]Dogbreath & Admin. 
Also special thanks to the dude from whom I pawned the blue smoke
feature...whoever you may be...God Bless! And of course, the entire
SMURF colony...THANKS!

If you want to check it out, and see what it looks like in action,
visit the CODUO [40]nOverVETS - Modern Weapons server.

Please feel free to use or 'improve', just remember to give
credit where credit is due...that's me. :}


Questions or Comments: Via PM or Maps&Mods Forum @ www.cyberz.com

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