Alex's UO BoB Soundpack

Alex C. has released the first version of his UO edition of the BoB Soundpack, and it's sounding cool. ;) Download it now, play it, and le...

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File Description

Alex C. has released the first version of his UO edition of the BoB Soundpack, and it's sounding cool. ;) Download it now, play it, and leave your comments below! :D

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Alex's UO Band of Brothers Soundpack V1

I'm going for a new readme style so here goes.

BY: Alex

Production Time: About 2 weeks

Applications used:
    - Cool Edit Pro 2.1
    - Microsoft Word
    - Notepad
Email: [email protected]

Known bugs: 
    - The Thompson cooldown will not play in MP, I am working on fixing this for the next       version
    - Not all of the incoming and mortar explosion sounds will work in the game. I am also       working on fixing this problem, should be done for the next version.


Installation: Place the "Alex's Uo BoB".pk3 in your Call of duty/main/uo folder, along with the Thompson sound style of your choice.

Description: This is version 1 of my United offensive Band of Brothers Soundpack. The soundpack changes and adds many new sounds to make Call of Duty feel more like the Band of Brothers miniseries.
Included in the soundpack are two Thompson sound styles. You know the drill, place the one you like in your Call of Duty/Main/uo folder. DO NOT HAVE BOTH OF THE STYLES IN AT ONCE OR THEY WON'T WORK. 
I've done away with th different Flak and MG42 sound styles for this version and they won't be coming back!



- Got rid of Brecourt Ambiences (I thought that they were poor and kind of spoiled the   atmosphere, when I feel up to it I'll make more.)
- Removed most of the distant explosions, edited three and used them.
- Changed one grenade explosion sound.
- Added several muffled mortar explosion sounds.
- Added two new rocket_hit_tank sounds.These are heard very rarely and are mainly in there   if I need them for future soundpacks.
- Added four fatigue sounds.
- Changed one music track.
- Added two new music tracks.
- Added two 30cal loops, plus distant sounds and cooldowns.
- Added one 50cal loop sound.
- Added two 50cal_box sounds, plus distant sound.
- Changed B.A.R sound and added B.A.R distant sound.
- Added Bazooka sound, plus distant sound.
- Added Colt 45 distant sound
- Added Gewehr 43 sound, plus distant sound.
- Changed grenade pin sound, added grenade lever sound.
- Change several impact sounds, added one new impact sound.
- Changed two Kar98k sounds, added distant sound.
- Changed Kar98k Sniper sound, added distant sound.
- Added Luger distant sound.
- Added M1A1 Carbine distant sound.
- Changed M1 Garand sounds, added distant sounds.
- Added MG34 loop and cooldown sounds, plus distant sounds.
- Added MG42 loop and distant sounds.
- Slightly changed MP40 sound and added distant sound.
- Added MP44 distant sound.
- Two Smoke grenade sounds.
- Added 2 styles of Thompson loop sounds, added Thompson cooldown and distant sounds. (The   Thompson loop was something that I thought sounded way better than the single-shot    sound, due to CoD's Thompson RoF. I think that the loop fits perfectly.)

- Randy Shughart for his help during production.
- The Call of Duty community for their suggestions and advice.
- Stephen Spielberg, Michael Kamen and the BoB team for creating such a great show and     such moving music.
- Gray Matter and Infinity Ward for creating the Call of Duty games.

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