Ardennes 1944

Here's another humongous, beautiful, and versatile map from Drecks and After-Hourz that, like the others, includes new vehicles and artille...


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Here's another humongous, beautiful, and versatile map from Drecks and After-Hourz that, like the others, includes new vehicles and artillery for your enjoyment! Note that you WILL need the custom vehicle pack from the release of Barbarossa! Have fun. :thumbsup:

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Download '' (8.72MB)


Map Title                : mp_uo_ardennes1944
Map Version              : 1.0 Final
Author                   : Drecks
E-mail                   :
Website                  :


Final version:
This is a final version based on feedback gathered
on the forums at

This version has the beautiful snowy Jagdpanzer and each site
can use a working PAK 40 antitank weapon.
The antitankweapons are destroyable and will respawn.


In this final version one can still find ugly treelines and other things 
that won't look professional well it's not my job nor my living.
I had two choices performance on a big map or beautiful stuff in an 
mp_uo_shoeboxmap - i took the first.

Although i searched my butt of on a map with this size one can easely 
overlook an off map exploit. My suggestion is if one is found don't abuse it but
play fair......

Game                     : Call of Duty United Offensive

Supported Gametypes      : Base Assault 
                         : Capture The Flag
                         : Domination
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Behind Enemy Lines
                         : Headquarters
                         : Search and Destroy
Map Size                 : 20-up : Very Large


Content of ardennes1944 :

This is the final version of Ardennes1944 set in the Belgium Ardennes during the 
German operation Wacht am Rhein also known as The Battle of the Bulge. 
The battle which lasted from December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945 was the largest 
land battle of World War II in which the United States participated. 
More than a million men fought in this battle including some 
600,000 Germans, 500,000 Americans, and 55,000 British. 
The German military force consisted of two Armies with 
ten corps (equal to 29 divisions), while the American military 
force consisted of a total of three armies with six corps (equal to 31 divisions). 
At the conclusion of the battle the casualties were as follows: 81,000 U.S. 
with 19,000 killed, 1,400 British with 200 killed, and 100,000 Germans killed, 
wounded or captured

For more information and to provide feedback during the beta period on this map 
please visit our forums at


     This map needs the After-Hourz vehicle Custom Vehicle pack. 
     Which was shipped with the Barbarossa final version.
     Please remove any previous beta versions of these files 


     Remove any previous versions of this map. 
     Place mp_uo_ardennes1944.pk3 in your 
     Call of Duty/uo directory
     You MUST also have the After Hourz Custom Vehicle pack file, 
     z_zzz_ahz_vehicles.pk3. If you have downloaded and installed
     the Barbarossa map from After Hourz, then you have it and
     don't need to do anything further. If you don't have this file
     then either join one of our COD servers with autodownload on,
     or download the file from our website. It can be downloaded
     as part of the Barbarossa Final download at:
     Type this command:  /map mp_uo_ardennes1944
     On rare occasions some players may have problems loading the map. 
     If this occurs, try the following:
     Start COD:UO, and bring down your console using the tilde ("~") key.
     At the prompt type this:
     	 /seta com_hunkmegs "256"
     Now try to restart the game again. If you have any other problems
     email the author or stop by the After Hourz forums and we'll be 
     happy to help.


Construction Time        : Too long

Custom Content           : Textures
                         : Models
                         : Modelskins

Copyright                : If you want to use any of the custom textures
                           mail to


Credit to Others   : Lex for the models
                   : Innocent Bystander for scripting
                   : Postmen for the skins
                   : Slyk for advice
                   : After-Hourz gaming community for their support and testing :-)


Special Thanks           : My lovely Wife.


Additional Notes         :




After Hourz welcomes you to one of the biggest and most enjoyable gaming 
communities on the net! We provide quality public game servers, intense 
gameplay, original content, and an active community. All our servers 
are closely monitored against cheating, and we run only the best custom 
mods and maps. We invite you to stop in and check out After Hourz!

After Hourz Gaming Network
"Experience the Intensity"

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