Attack and Defend Gametype

Here's a small update for the Attack and Defend gametype by MenDAKE. I haven't played it yet, so do leave your comments below for me at l...

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Here's a small update for the Attack and Defend gametype by MenDAKE. I haven't played it yet, so do leave your comments below for me at least. :)

Someone pointed out to me that my Attack and Defend gametype is still required by the client, but this is by no means necessary. So, here's an updated version of Attack and Defend that is server-side only, meaning the client does not need to download it in order to play.

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Attack and Defend Gametype (0.1 Beta)
For Call of Duty: United Offensive

Version: 0.1 Beta
Created by MenDAKE (


Attack and Defend was created specifically for small 2 to 6 player teams. The action is centered around a struggle for one flag objective at a time, making for some intense, focused combat. 

Each round begins with all flag objectives owned by the Axis, who must defend them from the assaulting Allies until the time runs out. The Allies must use tactics, teamwork and speed to capture each flag in order, until they have pushed back the Axis and conquered every objective. Once the Allies have captured a flag it cannot be reclaimed by the Axis.

Game Balancing

Axis advantages:
- Axis start with all flags, and must simply work together to halt and delay the Allied advance until the time runs out.
- Axis will always spawn one objective behind the current one. Allies, on the other hand, always spawn at their original spawn point. This gives the Axis the opportunity to set up their defenses as quickly as possible.
- The allies must hold a flag objective for a considerable amount of time (between 20 seconds to a full minute, depending on individual flag settings) before it is fully captured. This makes it possible for the Axis forces to launch a counter attack.
- The final objective will most likely be near the Axis' main spawn, where armor is often readily available. Additionally, the Allied forces will waste precious time traveling a decent distance from their spawn point.

Ally advantages:
- Once a flag as been captured the Axis cannot recover it. So swift, concerted assaults can be devastating to the enemy forces.
- The entire Allied team receives a hefty bonus when a flag objective is captured. So skillful players will quickly gain rank, and towards the end of the time limit will likely have access to devastating artillery to tilt the balance of power in their favor.
- Allies always spawn at their spawn point, so they will often have access to tanks.  The Axis however, will probably need to run all the way back to their original spawn in order to bring armored reinforcements.

Attack and Defend is based on the original COD: UO Domination gametype and so is fully compatible with all stock and custom maps that support it. 

Server Variables

The following server variables are available:

scr_ad_scorelimit: Score limit before changing to the next map. Default 2.

scr_ad_roundlimit: Round limit before changing to the next map. Default 1.

scr_ad_startrounddelay: Time delay before the round starts. Default 40.

scr_ad_endrounddelay: Time delay at the end of a round. Default 10.

scr_ad_clearscoreeachround: Clear the score at the end of each round? Default 1 (true).

scr_ad_respawn_wave_time: Wave respawn time. Default 10.

scr_ad_points_cap: Amount of points all Allied players receive when a flag is capped. Default 4.

scr_ad_minutes_per_flag: This number is multiplied by the amount of flags in the map to make a timer amount. Normally there are 5 flags on a map, so with the default of 3.6 x 5 the timer will be set to 18:00 minutes. 

Place the file zzz_ad.pk3 in your Call of Duty "uo" folder of your server. This is a server only mod, so it does NOT need to be downloaded by the client.

Beta Info

This mod is in the Beta testing stage, so feedback would be appreciated. Besides bug reports, I'd be interested to know what scr_ad_points_cap settings have worked best for you and with how many players. I'm also open to feature requests or general suggestions.  
Whether or not I'll have time to implement them I'm not sure, but I'll take every suggestion seriously. .Please send your feedback to 

I hope you have as much fun as I've had with this gametype.

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