Well bell has done it again! With yet another great mod! This time its 1.1 BETA 6

is is a full release! However the client mod i...

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Well bell has done it again! With yet another great mod! This time its 1.1 BETA 6

is is a full release! However the client mod is not changed so you may want to keep the one from AWEUO 1.0 to avoid uneccesary downloads for your players.

New/Fixed/Changed stuff - Removed debug info from mp_kharkov.gsc - Added cvar to disable map exploit fixes - Added cvar to control vsay weapondrop - Added vsay command to drop health - Fixed bug with entities that has undefined classnames. - Added cold breath option for wintermaps - Enhanced bleeding death with painscreen - Made a difference between bolt action and semi automatic rifles in weapon limiting - Added option to disable bases in Base Assault. - Added map voting

New/Changed AWEUO cvars

// Fix map exploits (0 = no, 1 = yes) (default 1) //set awe_fix_map_exploits "1"

// Limit bases in Base Assault (0 = no, 1 = one base for each team, 2 = two bases for each team) (default 0) //set awe_limit_bases "0"

// Cold breath effect in winter maps (0 = no, 1 = yes) (default 0) //set awe_cold_breath "0"

// Next map voting //

// Vote for the next map from 5 random candidates (0 = no, 1 = yes) (default 0) // NOTE! Enabling this will disable random maprotation and the next map/gametype messages //set awe_map_vote "0"

// Timout for voting in seconds (min 10, max 180) (default 30) //set awe_map_vote_time "30"

// Vsay functions //

// Enable functions by binding keys to vsay commands // Example bind x "vsay AWE DW" will allow weapons drops with the x button

// Enable weapon drop with "vsay AWE DW" (0 = no, 1 = yes) (default 1) //set awe_vsay_drop_weapon "1"

// Enable health drop with "vsay AWE DH" (0 = no, 1 = yes) (default 0) //set awe_vsay_drop_health "0"

// Weapon limiting //

// Sets the maximum number of weapons for each type and team (0 = no limit) (default 0) // A weapon that has reached the limit will automaticly be removed if dropped. // //set awe_rifle_limit "0" //set awe_boltrifle_limit "0" //set awe_semirifle_limit "0" //set awe_smg_limit "0" //set awe_assault_limit "0" //set awe_sniper_limit "0" //set awe_lmg_limit "0"

// !! NOTE !! Enabling limiting of bolt and/or semi rifle will disable the rifle limit

// Rifles: M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, Nagant, SVT40, Kar98k, Gewehr43, Enfield // Bolt Rifles: M1 Carbine, Nagant, Kar98k, Enfield // Semi Rifles: M1 Garand, SVT40, Gewehr43 // SMG: Thomson, Sten, Sten Silenced, PPSh, MP40 // Assault: Bar, Bren, MP44 // Snipers: Springfield, Scoped Nagant, Scoped Kar98k // LMG: MG34, DP28, 30Cal

For information about beta 5, go here. For information about beta 4, go here. For information about beta 3, go here. For information about beta 2, go here. For information about beta 1, go here. For information about AWEUO 1.0 final, go here.

Have fun!

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Server side modification for Call of Duty multiplayer, United Offensive Expansion pack
Name   : wcanka_aweuo (Additional War Effects for United Offensive)
Version: 1.1 beta 6
Author : Bell
Site   :
Forum  :

If you think this mod has brought new life into your CoD server and got
a few dollars(or euros) to spend, go here:

Call of Duty UO stock gametypes
Conquest TDM 2.0 (built in)
Reinforced Search & Destroy 1.7(built in) (!! Removed until official UO version is ready !!)

Mortar, hitblip, cvardef and spawnmodel	- Ravir (

Bomber planes 					- Pharao_FS (

Parachutes, tracers, skyflashes code	- Parts (
laserdot and welcome message are based
on Total War 2.3a
getStance() function				- "

Painscreen, bloodyscreen, bleeding,		- Chris P (
taunts, and the bleeding effect are based
on Merciless Blood Mod.

Mobile MG42 and mobile PTRS41 is based on	- RedMercury, Hellspawn
RedMercury and Hellspawns mobileMG42 mod

Drop Weapon on arm/hand hit is based on	- Poolmaster (
Merciless but propably origins from
Poolmasters Realism Mod (PRM)

Alternate position for team status		- Pethron

Reflection formula in bounceObject()	- Hellspawn
Searching for useable sounds in stock CoD	- Vicool

Code to disable secondary weapon		- Zeus[BTY]

Snow effect is loosely based on the one	- 
used in the map FU-Flint

Jeep respawn wait time, basehealth fix	- #7 (Number 7)

Tank limiting & jeep limiting			- [MW]gitman

British taunts					- DirtyRat

Enhanced parachuting and stuka sounds	- DetPak

Conquest TDM gametype				- Innocent Bystander (

mp_arnhem exploit fix				- Innocent Bystander

Reinforced Search & Destroy			- Boco

Selectable UO weapons based on mod by	- Scrumby

Fixes to the upgraded RSD version		- GroundPounder

Cold breath is based on forums posts by	- French Daddy and [MW]gitman

Map voting based on code by			- NC-17(codam, powerserver) (REWORKED BY wizard220, MODIFIED BY FrAnCkY55)

The rest						- Bell (

Suggestions, ideas, feedback and inspiration	- All the people in the various CoD forums

Webhosting of AWE website and forums	- TyphoonServers (

- Effects from Ravir's Demolition (Mortars and hitblip)

- C47 planes flying by on all stock maps and should work on most custom maps too.

- Teamkill and/or teamdamage detection with different punishments.

- Camping detection and marking of campers.

  In teamplay the camper will be marked with a headicon that flashes between team headicon
  and a star, and marked on the compass with an objective icon that flashes between a team
  radio icon and the default objective icon.

  In deathmatch the camper will be marked with the default objective icon on the compass
  and the headicon will flash been a star and a crosshair.

- Override grenade count

- Search & destroy bomb timer

- Grenade warnings ("Grenade!")

- Random maprotation

- Force/disable weapons (for example: disable grenades, assign fg42 as secondary weapon etc.)

- Parachuting
- Spawn protection

- Tracers

- Skyflashes

- Mobile MG42s

- Helmet popping

- Painscreen

- Weapon drop on hand/arm hit

- Blood splatter on screen

- Change allies team, or make it random

- Swap teams for each round in round based gametypes

- Server messages

- Crosshair disabling

- Trip on foot and/or leg hit

- Stukas

- Laserdot

- Warmup round in roundbased gametypes

- Head popping

- Parts of Ravirs admin tools available for all gametypes (everything but kicktospec should work)

- Bleeding

- Taunts

- Tripwire

- Rain/Snow

- Disable minefields

- Conquest TDM gametype

- Tank limiting

- mp_arnhem exploit fix

- Jeep limiting

- RSD gametype (available separately until Boco has release an official UO version)

- Server/Clan logo under compass

- AWE Capture the Flag gametype

- Last Team Standing gametype

- Searchable bodies

- Burning bodies after flamethrower death

- Remote detonable satchels

- Sticky grenades and satchels

Installation for stock gametypes, Conquest and AWE CTF
Copy the following files to your "Call of Duty\uo" folder:
w_aweuo_svr_v1.0_customlogo.pk3 (optional, see aweuo.cfg for more info)

Installation for clients (optional)
Copy w_aweuo_v1.0_client.pk3 to your uo folder.

This is a mod with soundaliases, modified effects, british taunts soundfiles etc.
You'll need it on the the client to get the wind sound while parachuting,
the plane sounds and the explosion sounds from the skyflashes.
It'll also enable rain/snow and dripping bleeding.

To be able to drop your weapon add this to your uoconfig_mp.cfg (or type it in the console)
bind X "vsay AWE DW"
(X can be replaced with the key you want to bind it to)

Random maprotation
Enable this by setting awe_random_maprotation to 1.

This will read all entries in sv_maprotation at the start of each game and set sv_maprotationcurrent
one of them by random.

Be aware that you either have to specify the gametype for each map in the maprotation or for none.

For example:

set sv_maprotation "map mp_brecourt map mp_carentan map mp_depot"
... and ...
set sv_maprotation "gametype tdm map mp_brecourt gametype tdm map mp_carentan gametype hq map mp_depot"
... is valid while ...
set sv_maprotation "gametype tdm map mp_brecourt map mp_carentan gametype hq map mp_depot"
... is not.

If you want to use the same map with different gametypes you have to specifiy the map in the map rotation
for each gametype. For example:

set sv_maprotation "gametype tdm map mp_depot gametype sd map mp_depot gametype hq map mp_depot"
... this maprotation will only play mp_depot but will randomize between tdm, sd and hq.

When you start up the server it will always play the first map in the rotation but as soon as that map
ends it will rotate to a random map.

Cvars (cvars and descriptions have moved to aweuo.cfg)
See the included aweuo.cfg for more info.

- aweuo.cfg is an example config file with quite sane value and it's a good start.

Overriding cvars for gametypes and/or maps
Since I also use an improved version of Ravir's cvar handling code you can override the settings
for specific gametypes and/or maps by adding the gametype and/or mapname the cvar.


set awe_mortar_hq_mp_carentan "1"	// will override
set awe_mortar_hq "2"		// which will override
set awe_mortar_mp_carentan "3"	// Which will override
set awe_mortar "4"

In the above example all maps, except mp_carentan, will have 4 mortars unless they have gametype hq.
All maps, except mp_carentan, will have 2 mortars when gametype is hq.
The map_carentan will have 3 mortars for all gametypes except for gametype hq where there will be
only 1 mortar.

Know Issues
Yes I know the C47 is not a bomber. It's the plane that drops the airborne soldiers.
But I don't want to change the name of the cvar's now since that would cause problems for
people upgrading from erlier versions of AWE, so I have to live with the shame. ;)

1.1 beta 6
	Removed debug info from mp_kharkov.gsc
	Added cvar to disable map exploit fixes
	Added cvar to control vsay weapondrop
	Added vsay command to drop health
	Fixed bug with entities that has undefined classnames.
	Added cold breath option for wintermaps
	Enhanced bleeding death with painscreen
	Made a difference between bolt action and semi automatic rifles in weapon limiting
	Added option to disable bases in Base Assault.
	Added map voting

1.1 beta 5
	Added kharkov fix from Innocent Bystander
	Decreased head and helmet queues
	Remote satchels on vehicles now links to the vehicle
	Stickys is no longer attachable to players
	Remote detonable satchels is removed if owner dies or disconnects
	Disallowed turret placement on vehicles
	Disallowed tripwire placement on vehicles
	Disallowed weapondrops during graceperiod
	Bug fix with weapon drops while spectating (Untested)
	Fixed an undefined error that sometimes occurs if individual server messages is used.
	Hopefully fixed an error that can occur if the engine removes a body while it is being searched
	Limit tripwires (default 5 for each team)
	Fixed bug in ACTF
	Added cvar to control next map messages
	Added weapon limiters

1.1 beta 4
	Sticky nades and satchels
	Configurable bleeding amount
	Tripwires, remote detonable satchels and sticky nades/satchels now do damage to vehicles aswell.
	Laserdot is now removed while in AimDownSight mode and in vehicles

1.1 beta 3
	Tweaked the body search function
	Remote detonable satchels

1.1 beta 2
	Searchable bodies
	Fading progress bars for tripwires
	Minor bug fix to tripwire code
	All code that gets player array is optimized to use a global array

1.1 beta 1
	Added LTS
	Player killed by flamethrower leaves burning bodies
	Option to disable weapon drop on death
	Option to disable bodies completely

1.0 final
	Added flag home overrides in actf.cfg for mp_arnhem and mp_berlin.
	Changed nocrosshair code to only set client cvar every 10 second instead of every second.

1.0 release candidate 3
	HLCRcon fix is now a separate download, not included in main archive.
	Added server/clan logo function (for advanced users)
	Removed RSD since it is an unofficial upgrade.
	Removed soundpak to keep down size of archive. Will be available as a separate download.

1.0 release candidate 2
	Fixes to RSD by GroundPounder
	Fixed so that mp_varaville, mp_redoktober and GunAssault_V1.1 will not allow team overriding.
	Added an option to allow ctf and actf to autoswitch depending on what the map supports.
	Renamed all awe cvars from scr_awe_xxx to awe_xxx
	Added a cvar to easily disable most of the awe features.
	Added disable AWEUO and Tripwires to setting menu
	Included HLCRcon v5 fix

1.0 release candidate 1
	Changes to ACTF, see separate readme
	More map exploit fixes from Innocent Bystander
	Excluded flamethrower_mp from ammo limiting (quick and dirty fix).
	Fog overriding now uses only one cvar per map to limit the number of used cvars.

1.0 beta 5
	Fixed headicon bug in roundbased gametypes
	Fixed a bug in RSD.
	Fixed the ACTF so that it uses scr_actf_xxxxx cvars instead of scr_ctf_xxxxx
	Changed a lot of the menus to reflect changes that AWEUO brings.
	Got working settings menus for RSD, ACTF and CNQ.
	Added Bazookas, flamethrowers and silent sten as selectable weapons

1.0 beta 4
	Upgraded and added the RSD gametype
	Tripwire warning can be enabled/disabled with cvar
	Weapon can be dropped if client binds a key to "vsay AWE DW"
	Crosshair can now be forced on with scr_awe_no_crosshair set to "2"
	Changed the clientside mod versions into one clientside and one containing enhanced sounds.
	Ported my own CTF version over from non-UO AWE. Now called AWE Capture the Flag(actf) to avoid mixup.
	Fixed parachuting so it now works on the new maps.
	Removed the roof landings option for parachuting.
	Changed the rotate on empty so that it requires 2 or more playing clients to stay on a map.
	More map exploit fixes
	Fixed american skin in mp_foy

1.0 beta 3b
	Bug fixed in jeep limiting.

1.0 beta 3
	MG42s and PTRS41s can no longer have their threads killed (stock bug).
	Map rotation will be forced on empty servers to avoid a server being stuck on map.
	Crushing a teammate with a vehicle now shares damage between victim and driver
	Unknown Soldier handling has been extended and cvar controlled
	mp_arnhem map exploit fix
	mp_rhinevalley map exploit fix
	Jeep limiting
	Conquest TDM 2.0 added
	PTRS41 has been fixed (partly, firesound and muzzleflash is still broken)

1.0 beta 2
	Mobile turrets can only be picked up while using them.
	Drop on arm/hand hit now uses a percent value
	Trip on leg/foot hit now uses a percent value
	Removed shootme tag since it did not work with Linux servers
	Rewrote and optimized some stuff
	Fixed some bugs
	Popped heads and helmets will react on explosions
	Reworked mortars (again)
	Added british taunts from DirtyRat
	Added enhanced sounds from DetPak
	Added [MW]gitman's tank limiting
	Added Number 7's fixes for basehealth and jeep respawn delay
	Fixed anticamping
	Fixed spawnprotection hud/headicon	
	Enabled rain/snow (particle system need to be on highest setting)
	Made tripwires trigger on nearby explosions	
	Made grenades explode if hit.

1.0 beta 1
	Initial release for United Offensive.
	Random secondary weapons also use new weapons.
	Team overriding disabled for certain UO maps that does not load all weapon sounds.
	Grenades have been given PRM damage
	Smokegrenade counts can be overridden and/or random.
	Satchel count can be overridden (max 1)
	Some stuff are disabled to avoid conflicts with UO and some are reworked to work with it.
	All "extra" gametypes are not available since they are based on stock CoD gametype scripts.

----- United Offensive version above this line -----

1.4.4	PRM grenades and modified PTRS41 now built into main AWE pk3 file.
	The stay times of popped helmets and heads are now obsolete. The last 10 helmets and the last 6 heads will stay now.
	Option to disable minefields
	Changed shaders for bullethit_glass and bullethit_glass2 so that bulletholes work on Nvidia cards
	Added some hardcoded (non configurable) scoring for CTF.
	Fixed the serverinfo menus in the PRM4 addon (PRM bug)
	Rain and snow with clientside mod (optional)
	Real bleeding with clientside mod (optional)
	Reworked the team overriding so that it uses winter skins for winter maps.
	Removed tutorial from Demolition to save resources.
	Select secondary from menu has been reworked, should work better.
	Secondary weapon can be configured as random.
	Disable the secondary weapon slot.
	Randomize/Limit ammo.
	Fog can be configured to fade between two values.
	Mortar code has been refreshed. Uses visible model and can also be configured to be random.
	Mark anyone called "Unknown Soldier" with a "SHOOT ME!" tag.
	Fixed bug in laserdot code that made it red regardless of the cvars
	Welcome message for new players
	Fixed bug with marktime being half of what it should(anti camping)
	Stukas crashes can be configured to be safe and/or quake
	Overcooked grenade now kills again and is treated like a grenade kill (checking teamkills etc...)
	Mortars in Demolition is now handled by AWE
	Ravirs Admin tools enabled for all gametypes
	Boco's Reinforced Search & Destroy built in

1.4.3 Secondary weapon can be selected from menu (buggy, will be reworked)
	Stukas do rolls on random
	Stukas can be configured to crash
	No more public warnings when anyone recieves a blow up punishment.(Should not hurt others anyway)
	Anti teamkill and anti teamdamage function now only alert other players when max limit is reached
	Removed one skyflash effect that went of among players on low altitude maps
	Helmet popping totally rewritten
	Added head popping
	Capture the X renamed to Capture the Flag and uses stalingrad_flag by default.
	Alternate location for team status added.
	Mobile turret code rewritten
	Fixad an issue where the parachute protection could be disabled if attackButton was hit at respawn.

1.4.2	Warmup round for round based gametypes
	Converted Demolition to Merciless
	Converted Conquest TDM to Merciless
	Included Demolition and Conquest TDM in the main AWE mod.
	New gametypes: Last Team Standing, Capture the X
	Mortar quake can be turned off
	Trip on foot/leg hit
	Crosshair disabling
	Server messages
	Swap teams in roundbased gametypes
	Override allied team
	New (optional) HUD element: Team status (show number of alive players in each team)
	Bullet holes in screen
	Hitblip hud element when enemy is hit
	Blood splatter on screen
	Drop weapon on hit
	Helmet popping
	Spawn extra MG42s and/or PTRS41 Anti Tank Rifles
	Disable MG42s and/or PTRS41 Anti Tank Rifles on a map
	Mobile MG42s and/or PTRS41 Anti Tank Rifles
	C47 plane sound that follows the planes
	Bug fixed that caused the planes appear in the wrong position or not at all
	Spawn protection
	Progressbar and fixes for grenade cooking.
	Grenade cooking pk3 files included.(normal damage and PRM damage)
	Grenade warning shouts.
	Random map rotation.
	Force/disable weapons in weaponslots.
	Minor fix to anti team damage.

1.4.1	Search & Destroy timer fades from yellow to red.
	Mortar code has been brought back from Merciless into AWE to make things simpler in the future.
	Default values have changed so that things that changes the gameplay much is turned off by default.
	Anti teamdamage as an option to anti teamkill.
	AWE cvars can be overriden for gametypes and/or map.
	Decreased the allowed allies in bel.gsc from 16 to 11 to reserve 5 compass objectives for AWE.

1.4	CoD 1.4 support.
	Search & Destroy bomb timer.
	Improvements to teamkill function.
	Teamkill status now survives when a new round starts in roundbased gametypes like Search and Destroy.
	Message displayed when reaching max teamkills can be changed with cvar.

	Improvements to anticamp function.
	Camper is marked with a flashing headicon and a flashing objective icon on compass.
	Camper gets a timer that shows the remaining mark time.
	Message displayed when surviving a mark period or getting killed while marked can be changed with cvar.
	Campers will trip, yell (fart for merciless) and get shellshocks randomly at a configurable interval.

1.3	Improvements on anticamp function. Only opposing team get the camper marked.

	Players being blown up for teamkilling get a 5 second marking before blowing
	up to allow other players to move to a safe distance.

	Option to randomize between teamkill punishments.

	Marks on compass flashes to avoid confusing them with other markings.

	Merged with Merciless AWE.

	Support for Demolition 0.96b

1.2	Added personal reflect damage after first punishment.

	Anticamping functions.

1.1	Teamkill detection and punishment. Automatic calculation of spawnpoint for C47 planes.
	Pain-/deathsounds from Demolition on all gametypes.

1.0	Initial release

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