AWEUO 2.11 PanzerSS Enhanced Mod

Here we have a new multi-player mod for CoDUO by Robert L. and based off the well-known work of Bell (think Additional War Effects, AWE :P )...


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Here we have a new multi-player mod for CoDUO by Robert L. and based off the well-known work of Bell (think Additional War Effects, AWE :P ). This mod adds a nice array of new features that AWE server admins might appreciate in addition to the AWE mod's currently extensive list. I can't really explain this because there's quite a bit to go over, so make sure you just check out the ReadMe and the screenshots, and if you like AWE, download this 'expansion pack' today!

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Download '' (5.53MB)


AweUO 2.11 PanzerSS Enhanced Mod.Check list of features below.
Build upon the legendary AWE mod by Bell.Client with extra sounds included (5 MB).


-- Override grenade count
- Search & destroy bomb timer
- Grenade warnings ("Grenade!")
- Random maprotation
- Force/disable weapons (for example: disable grenades, assign fg42 as secondary weapon etc.)
- Parachuting
- Spawn protection
- Tracers
- Skyflashes
- Mobile MG42s
- Helmet popping
- Painscreen
- Weapon drop on hand/arm hit
- Blood splatter on screen
- Change allies team, or make it random
- Swap teams for each round in round based gametypes
- Server messages
- Crosshair disabling
- Trip on foot and/or leg hit
- Stukas
- Laserdot
- Warmup round in roundbased gametypes
- Head popping
- Parts of Ravirs admin tools available for all gametypes (everything but kicktospec should work)
- Bleeding
- Taunts
- Tripwire
- Rain/Snow
- Disable minefields
- Conquest TDM gametype
- Server/Clan logo under compass
- AWE Capture the Flag gametype
- Last Team Standing gametype
- Searchable bodies
- Burning bodies after flamethrower death
- Remote detonable satchels
- Sticky grenades and satchels
- Modify UO sprinting
- Sprinting for Call of Duty (non-UO)
- First aid kits
These are all the AWE mod features

Extra features:

-headshot ,bash,grenade, satchel pack kills counting and print out during playing (sounds played)
-consecutive kills and consecutive deaths counting and print out during playing (with UT Sounds)
-3 headshot categories (less then 50m=headshot,50..70m=ultrakill,>70m=Monster kill) 
-TDM based gametypes with extra stats
-stats displayed at end with music played (depends on which nationality player/team wins)
-client with many new funny and cool sounds(some from cod singleplayer)
-and many more


Unzip the content of file in folder in your Call of Duty directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\Awe_PanzerSS).
The name of the folder is your choice (e.g. Awe PanzerSS in this case).
Add the add +set fs_game mod_folder_name (e.g. add +set fs_game awe_panzerss) to the command line that start your server.

Files info:

server files:
-w_awe_uo_svr_v2.11.pk3 :Main mod file
-z_merciless_uo_svr_bloodFX.pk3 :Blood fix

client Files required for full functionality of mod(works also without but no sound,,,):
-w_awe_uo_v2.1panzerss_client.pk3 -main client containing all the extra sounds,,,,,


Contact and support:
  MSN Messenger ->

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