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This file was meant for server use only.

And here's the patch for Barbarossa Final that server admins need to get!



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This file was meant for server use only.

And here's the patch for Barbarossa Final that server admins need to get! Development Team presents the final release version of Barbarossa! Update your servers now! This final package features a variety of visual and play enhancements highlighted by the addition of the famed T34 Medium tank, a fully working mortar and Pak guns that can be destroyed and respawned. The addition of the T34 and mortar will further enhance the 'Barbarossa experience.' The destructible Pak guns will totally change your strategies! Join up now! Update your files with the lastest battlefield and vehicle package.

The Blitzkrieg has begun! The men and machines of Panzer Group 2 are racing across Western Russia. Minsk has fallen, hundreds of thousands of troops and vehicles have been destroyed, captured, and dispresed across forests, swamps and fields along 1,000 miles of front. The Russian Army has turned to fight, once again, now digging in and preparing positions along the Berezina River, east of Minsk on the road to Smolensk and eventually, Moscow. Can the broken infantry and armor regiments of the 4th Army pull together a solid defense? Can they stop the Panzers here, at the Berezina? Can you take on the challenge to Shatter the regrouping defense and be the first Panzer over the Berezina? Is it you who can be the KV-1 Commander to single-handedly stop and destroy multiple Panzers on the fields before the river?

Take part now in the single greatest adventure in Call of Duty Multiplayer - take part in Barbarossa!

[color=orange]I would like to publicly thank Innocent Bystander and Lex for all of their long hours of work and support over the last 8 months of this projects development. Without their assistance, friendship and occassional nagging, it would be just a big map and not what it has become. Thanks also to Jakl for many impressive graphic elements; to Glitch for his scripted sky; and to the AHz community for encouragement and countless hours of testing. This is a true community project.[/color]

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This is the serverside fix for Barbarossa final. There are 2 areas where terrain on the edge of the play area was inadvertently converted to non-colliding. This allows players a way under the map. This patch blocks access to those two areas, and also contains a general suicide thread in case anyone finds another way under the map. 

This file is for serverside only. Clients do not need this file.

Place user_svr_barbfix.pk3 in your /uo directory and restart your server.

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