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This version of Barbarossa was meant for server use only.

Barbarossa Beta 2 has been released! Check out all the information re...

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This version of Barbarossa was meant for server use only.

Barbarossa Beta 2 has been released! Check out all the information regarding this ground-breaking map below:


Map by: Mark "Slyk" Dittman Scripting: Innocent Bystander Models and Skins: Lex and Postman 778 Development Team presents BETA 2 of "Barbarossa"! Update your servers now! Beta 2 features a variety of visual and play enhancements highlighted by the addition of the famed SdKfz 251 German halftrack and the workhorse Gaz AA transport. These vehicles will change what you have already learned about "Barbarossa". Join up now! Update your files with the lastest battlefield and vehicle package.

The Blitzkrieg has begun! The men and machines of Panzer Group 2 are racing across Western Russia. Minsk has fallen, hundreds of thousands of troops and vehicles have been destroyed, captured, and dispresed across forests, swamps and fields along 1,000 miles of front. The Russian Army has turned to fight, once again, now digging in and preparing positions along the Berezina River, east of Minsk on the road to Smolensk and eventually, Moscow. Can the broken infantry and armor regiments of the 4th Army pull together a solid defense? Can they stop the Panzers here, at the Berezina? Can you take on the challenge to Shatter the regrouping defense and be the first Panzer over the Berezina? Is it you who can be the KV-1 Commander to single-handedly stop and destroy multiple Panzers on the fields before the river?

Take part now in the single greatest adventure in 'Call of Duty' Multiplayer, take part in 'Barbarossa'!

Offering 8 new vehicles and stationary weapons, 'Barbarossa' depicts the head on collision of the 17th Panzer Division with mixed infantry and armor units of the staggered Russian 4th Army as they try to hold back Guderian's spearhead. Public_beta2 offers you the chance to play the ultimate Multi-player conflict in CONQUEST version 3.0 as both sides struggle over wood lots, fields, and villages. Drive all-new custom tanks and defend with anti-tank guns while the infantry goes head-long into the fight. Beta2 offers an improved and heavier dose of our vehicle package. Our full release will bring even more options to the table. Beta2 supports five game types; Conquest, Base Assault, and Capture the Flag, Search & Destroy and traditional TDM. Additional gametypes are not supported at this time due to max_gamestate data size.

What are you waiting for? The Blitzkrieg has begun. This is Barbarossa. More than a map, it is a Battlefield!

Visit now to DL and update! It is STRONGLY SUGGESTED TO DELETE BOTH BETA 1 FILES. You do NOT need to do this, but we suggest you do.


CHANGELOG VEHICLES: - The KV-1's MG has been moved from the hull to the turret. This was done to provide a bit more defensive capability and balance. - All the vehicle scripts have been completely rewritten. They are now up to UO 1.51 standards and should respect all standard CVARs. One possible server crash condition was also fixed. - A new cvar, scr_allow_trucks, will control whether the halftrack and Gaz appear in the map. - The reversed sprocket on the BT-7 was fixed. - The horn on the BA10 works properly now. - The reload sound on the BA10 works properly now. - When stealing a BA10, you cannot fire the turret now until the capture is complete.

CONQUEST v3 BETA 2: - Cleaned up code in a few areas, added some additional error checking to fix a couple of potential crash conditions - Reorganized code to be AWE compatible out of the box (thanks bell for help)

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===                       Multi-Player               		  ===
===              Release Date: April 25, 2005                 ===

Included in this file:

There are 3 zip files included within which will be needed to run
Barbarossa on your server. - the Barbarossa map file - the custom vehicles for the map - the Conquest gametype for the map

Please open each and read the readme file included in each one for further 

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