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BFW[:.GoA.Pain. This CoDUO TDM-only map a rather lifeless 'landscape' with no...


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Here's a brand new bash map by a new developer known as .:]BFW[:.GoA.Pain. This CoDUO TDM-only map a rather lifeless 'landscape' with not a whole lot of elbow room, but I suppose you could make things happen with a 1 v. 1 match. :D Whatever the case, I wish he spent more time on textures and models because at the moment, the map doesn't even look good, really. Just check out the screenshots, and you be the judge.


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This is a small map for bashing XD i will be adding on more and more just way mabey 1 every week...
This is the goal of what i want to these maps
V1-Small  and noobish
V2-House 2 storyies added and more land 
V3-an field added.
NOTE! This is what i want in weekes to come

Unzip mp_bash_only into your call of duty/uo folder witch should be here C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\uo

delet pk3

This is a map made by .:]BFW[:.GoA.Pain it is for all on copying or making a map like this

All Rights ReservedĀ©2007 All Products Made by .:]BFW[:.

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