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I think, folks, we've found our File of the Week. ;) I was going to run a vote on this to see what the community thought, but I really don...


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I think, folks, we've found our File of the Week. ;) I was going to run a vote on this to see what the community thought, but I really don't care; I just want to feature this baby on the front page. This, my friends, is a full-blown single-player campaign for CoDUO by the great Yorkshire Rifles with many goodies thrown in -- for starters, custom vehicle skins and textures by Geezer. Yeah, the six maps all look beautiful, seamlessly sewn together and all, but they also play just wonderfully; you will for sure get some awesome games out of these, so of course, I recommend the download. Check out the screenshots, and you'll be sold -- I guarantee it! :thumbsup: Give the campaign a whirl, and leave your comments below. :D


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Download '' (42.9MB)


A Single Player Campaign for Call of Duty United Offensive Expansion pack (CoDUO)

Concept/design/scripting/custom scripts/shaders/some textures by Yorkshire Rifles

Custom Vehicle Skins/some textures courtesy of Geezer


A 5 mission soviet campaign with additional intro and outro sequences

Simulates the 1942 defense of the Caucaus (kuban) area - 
if you've seen the Sam Penkinpah film - Cross of Iron - then it is the same place, just a year earlier.


Take the file called


and place it into your call of duty/uo folder

Start Call of Duty United Offensive (CoDUO) via a shortcut. Make certain that in the shortcuts properties there is no 

+set developer 1

As I use an advanced custom made AI script for my spawners (to make them more useful) 
using developer mode may cause script errors in the stock/original scripts. Set your shortcut properties to 

+set developer 0

If you do not have +set developer on your shortcut then you should have no worries

When CoDUO has started bring down the console and type

map beyondrostov

and hit return/enter. NOTE beyondrostov is ALL ONE WORD
It should load up now. If you have problems seeing the first screens make certain that DRAWSTATUS is enabled.
Using the console type
cg_drawstatus 1
and hit return. 
If you still have problems seeing the initial screens remove all additional mods from your call of duty/uo folder


Call of Duty United Offensive (CoDUO) is an older generation game and running it on a state-of-the-art dual core processor
may cause problems. Testing has shown that these performance problems may be overcome by disabling one of the processors.
Dont ask me how to do this I have a low-spec Dell.


There are some issues with the clip/collision detection of vehicles models. 
The most noticeable is with the T34 in the first mission which has its clip/collision detection to the side of the visible model.
If the player tries to move down the side of the model he is pushed out a little by this badly aligned models clip/collision map.

All of my maps push the game engine to its very limits (which turned out not to be hard). 
If you experience lag or crashes, turn your graphics settings down.

I doubt this file will work on a Mac, sorry.


This file is released for distribution on the understanding that it is FREE 
and that it's original form may not be altered for further release. 
NO charging money for it. 
NO altering it. 
NO swiping any parts of it including artwork, for any purpose.
All rights reserved.


Inside the Campaign

There are 7 maps in total, an intro map, 5 mission maps and an outro map.
If you want to play them individually and not one after another here is the list of map and file names.
The map is what the mission is, the filename is what you want to use in the console, 
eg--- map kuban2 ---for the second misison which is based at Krasnodar

Map 				Filename
-----				--------
Intro				beyondrostov
South of Bataysk		kuban1
Towards Krasnodar		kuban2
Maykop Oilfields		kuban3
Battle of Novorossiysk		kuban4
Seige of Novorossiysk		kuban5
Outro				kuban6


Fire and maneuvour. Move fast and have a plan where you are going.
Try to go round the edge of a dangerous area - but sometimes you'll have to make a frontal assault.

These maps simulate large scale battles which have to be fought THROUGH. 
If you hang back the AI will happily fight each other for hours.
Keep moving.

Watch your compass, it will tell you where to find things. That is why you need cg_drawstatus activated, or you can't see the compass.
cg_drawstatus 1 is activated as standard and would only be disabled if you the player or another mod you are using has done so.

Other other Stuff

This was all made on a low-spec Dell except for Geezer's vehicle skins. He has some sort of super computer which I cannot afford right now.

Geezer had many complaints about the quality and construction of the stock/original models. 
I had many complaints about the limitations of the game engine.
Both of us agreed that it was not user friendly and only my psychotic dedication to finish what I set out to do enabled us to previal.

This is the last mod/map/campaign for CoDUO, and probably all other versions of CoD.

Once again thanks to Geezer for his professionalism with skinning and texturing and his mates for helping with the playtesting.

This took a good NINE months of my life.
You can play through it in less than 3 hours.


Yorkshire Rifles
(yorkshire_rifles at filefront)
eastyorksrifles AT

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