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Here's another release of the BJustReal Realism mod for CODUO. This realism mod differs from others in that it modifies a TON of different...


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Here's another release of the BJustReal Realism mod for CODUO. This realism mod differs from others in that it modifies a TON of different aspects of gameplay, instead of just the weapon stats and related things. Check out the ReadMe for more information, and try it out now! ;)

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Installation
4. CVARs
5. Contact
6. Credits

1. Introduction

BJustReal Realism is made by me, -={AA}=-Bjusterbaarlik, and is a mod that will enhance realistic gameplay in Call of Duty: United Offensive. The mod is server-side, so only the server has to have this mod running, clients do not need to download it. This mod tries to make the game as real as possible and is especially made for those players who love realism and think that stock UO is too much running and gunning without tactics.

But what would happen in real when you are running on the battlefield as individuals, guns firing? You will end up dead for sure. You will also not be able to carry a BAR and a Panzerschreck, because the weight is too much for a soldier to handle. This mod has lots of features which will all be described below. I hope everyone enjoys this mod and the realistic gameplay that comes with it. Any feedback is ofcourse welcome, look in the "contact" section to see where you can relieve yourself of your feedback.

Currently, this mod is running on the following server(s):

  -={AA}=- BJustReal Realism | | PB=ON | Auto-Download=ON  (

2. Features

- Realistic weapon damage, recoil and accuracy.
- Realistic movement speed with each weapon.
- Weapon limits per team (So say: 3 SMG's, 2 MG's etc.).
- Primary weapon limits, players can be limited to wield only one primary weapon.
- Weapon drops when hit in the upper arm, lower arm, hand and/or when hit on the gun.
- Hats drop off of the player's head when being hit in the head or by a grenade/explosion.
- Players fall over when shellshocked by a grenade or explosion.
- Server messages (10).
- Ability to turn off obituaries (death messages) on server.
- Ability to turn off crosshairs.
- Ability to turn off crosshair names.
- Ability to turn off entire HUD.
- CVAR to determine whether players drop snipers when killed or not.
- Option to display killer when killed.
- Longer shellshock time.
- Clients' CVAR's can be resetted upon disconnecting.
- Now using every updated file of UO version 1.51, so VSAY commands should work now with all gametypes.
- Redid movement speeds, they are closer to each other and more real than in the previous release.
- Upped damage of satchel charges.
- Fixed ADS animation of the panzerfaust (was too slow).
- Feature that makes players fall over when hit in lower leg or foot. (2 CVAR's)
- Reduced throwing distance of grenades.
- Fixed R.O.F. of Sten and mp44.
- Feature that lets players pick up anti-tank weapons when in possession of a light weapon is CVAR controlled.
- Feature that lets players see by who they are killed.
- The Tokarev TT33 now has 8 bullets in a clip instead of 7.
- Modified loadouts, a player has only 2 extra clips with him. (Only when battleranks are turned off.)

3. Installation

Before moving on to the installation instructions, I have to state here that the mod is NOT compatible with other realism mods. Also, the mod IS compatible with lots of other mods, like skins etc., but this mod is NOT compatible with mods that have the following files in the pk3 file:

	Any files in the /weapons/mp folder
	Any files in the /info folder
	Any files in the /vehicles folder

On to the installation instructions:

- Extract all files to your UO folder, you actually only need the pk3 file.
- Copy all of the CVARs listed below in your config file. I have included a realism.cfg as example

4. CVARs

You can copy/paste these in your config file. All of the extra CVARs are listed here with a small explanation.

// Server messages, displayed in the lower left corner of the screen. Maximum of 10.

seta sv_linerd1 "This server is running ^4BJustReal ^3Realism ^7version ^11.21^7" 
seta sv_linerd2 ""
seta sv_linerd3 "" 
seta sv_linerd4 ""
seta sv_linerd5 ""
seta sv_linerd6 ""
seta sv_linerd7 ""
seta sv_linerd8 ""
seta sv_linerd9 ""
seta sv_linerd10 ""

seta sv_rddelay "30"   			// Delay between messages in seconds Must be greater than 5 

// Realism settings (0 = off | 1 = on)

set scr_allowclienthud 1		// Determines whether players can see their own HUD.
set scr_allowcrosshair 0		// Determines whether players have a crosshair or not.
set scr_allowcrosshairnames 1		// Determines whether players can see their teammates' names.
set scr_antitankpluslightweapon 1	// Players can carry anti-tank guns when in possession of a light weapon.
set scr_droponhandhit 1			// Determines whether players drop weapons when hit on hand or gun.
set scr_droponlowerarmhit 0		// Determines whether players drop weapons when hit lower arm.
set scr_droponupperarmhit 0		// Determines whether players drop weapons when hit upper arm.
set scr_fallonfoothit 1			// Determines whether players fall over when hit in foot.
set scr_fallonlowerleghit 1		// Determines whether players fall over when hit in lower leg.
set scr_hatdrops 1			// Determines if players drop hats when hit in the head or by an explosion.
set scr_obituaries 0			// Obituaries (0 = off | 1 = on).
set scr_resetclient 1			// Resets client's CVARs upon disconnecting.
set scr_shellshockfallover 1		// Determines if players fall over when shellshocked.
set scr_showkiller 1			// Determines whether a player sees who killed them.
set scr_slotlimit 1			// Primary weapon limit on or off.
set scr_sniperdrops 1			// Determines whether players drop sniper rifles when killed.

// Weapon Limits - the number is the maximum amount of that kind allowed ingame before it is disabled.

set sv_alliedSniperLimit "2"		// Limits allies snipers
set sv_alliedSMGLimit "3"		// Limits allies sub machineguns
set sv_alliedMGLimit "2"		// Limits allies machineguns
set sv_alliedDMGLimit "2"		// Limits allies deployable machineguns

set sv_axisSniperLimit "2"		// Limits axis snipers
set sv_axisSMGLimit "3"			// Limits axis sub machineguns
set sv_axisMGLimit "2"			// Limits axis machineguns
set sv_axisDMGLimit "2"			// Limits axis deployable machineguns

5. Contact

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or whatsoever, you can post on our forums or PM me:

You can also mail me at:

6. Credits

BJustReal Realism

Made by:


Thanks to:

- For correct reload time of mp44
- For telling the correct ROF of the Sten and mp44
- For helping with some of the damage corrections
- And for lots of other (realistic) ideas

- Server messaging script

Number 7
- Crosshair and HUD-settings

- Helmet drop code

Poolmaster (PRM)
- For the basic pieces of the weapon limiter code in PRM
- For the basic 'no drop sniper' code

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