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Here is the BJustReal modification for UO, as the readme indicates below; this mod is a replica of the mod they made for CoD2. For those tha...


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Here is the BJustReal modification for UO, as the readme indicates below; this mod is a replica of the mod they made for CoD2. For those that do not know what BJR is, it is a realism mod that changes the damage of weapons and a bunch of other effects. I can't list them all here, but go ahead and look at the readme below for all the details about this great mod.


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Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Features
3. Notes
4. Installation
5. CVARs
6. Contact
7. Credits

1. Introduction

BJustReal Realism (BJR) is a multiplayer realism mod for the WWII first person shooter Call of Duty: United Offensive. This mod is also available for Call of Duty 2.

After a long time, a new version of BJR has arrived. Since I have reinstalled United Offensive, I saw yet again how superior the gameplay was over other versions of Call of Duty. This helped me in the decision to port over BJR from CoD2 and to add some additional features. The result: a new optimized BJR which has been completely rebuilt from scratch.

Set aside realism as you know it and prepare to enter the real battles of CoD:UO. Wield the weapons like never before, see how each person grows in rank with more experience on the battlefield and gets an appropriate uniform with it. All weapons have had a major overhaul that is nowhere near the previous versions of BJR, let alone the stock game. New uniforms are introduced in the mod, every rank has a different uniform. This is a release like never before.

This version is bundled with GRUM and Bjuster's Taunts for CoD:UO, of which the latter was never released to the public.

BJR is a server and client side mod. Clients will need to turn their auto-downloads on if they want to play on a server which is running BJR.

I hope that everyone likes the mod as much as I liked creating it. Any feedback is welcome, look in the "contact" section of this readme to see where you can relieve yourself of your feedback. If you want to see how the mod works, I suggest you stop by in one of the following server(s):

	-={AA}=- Realism | Mixed Rotation	(Location: UK)
	[1st AD]/[4th ID] Realism Headquarters		(Location: US)

-={AA}=- Bjusterbaarlik

2. Features

Weapons & Damage
- Realistic damage for all weapons.
- Realistic melee damage for all weapons.
- Realistic weight for all weapons.
- Reduced movement speed for most weapons.
- Realistic accuracy and recoil for all weapons.
- Mid-clip reloading is impossible with the Kar98k, Mosin Nagant and Mosin Nagant Scoped.
- Corrected ROF of the Sten.
- Corrected ROF of the BAR.
- Corrected ROF of the FG42.
- Corrected ROF of the .30Cal.
- Corrected ROF of the MG34.
- Corrected ROF of the DP28.
- Corrected ROF of the MG42.
- Lowered ROF on all the semi-automatic rifles.
- Fixed empty clip reload animation for the MP44.
- Fixed empty clip reload animation for the FG42.
- Corrected clip size of the DP28 (49 rounds, instead of 47).
- Corrected clip size of the M1A1 Thompson (20 rounds, instead of 30).
- Corrected clip size of the Tokarev TT33 (8 rounds, instead of 7).
- Reduced throwing distance of grenades.
- Bodies burn when killed with flamethrower.
- Extended effects when bashed.
- Damage drop-off over distance.

- Speed of all jeeps slightly increased, the Willy Jeep is slightly faster than the others.
- Longer reload times for all tanks and Flak88.
- Sherman tank is lighter and faster, but can take less pounding than before.
- Panzer IV is now stronger and has more armour, but moves and turns slower.
- T34 is faster and has a bit more power and armour than before, but turns slower.
- The Elefant tank has more armour and limited traverse to main cannon, but is very slow to move and turn.
- The SU152 has immense main cannon power and limited traverse, but is very slow to move and turn.
- The Flak 88 rotates slower.
- The Flak 88 can now be destroyed.

Client add-on
- (BUGFIX) Some people experienced stuttering when aiming with the Bazooka/Panzerschreck, this has been resolved.
- Added the Silenced Sten and the Bazooka to the British weapon menu.
- Added the Bazooka to the American & Russian weapon menu.
- Added the FG42, Flammenwerfer 35 and the Panzerschreck to the German weapon menu.
- Pain and death sounds.
- New vsay menu: "Taunts" with 9 unique taunts for each side.

- Rankbased uniforms, every rank has its own uniform now.

- Server message center. (Can hold up to 10 messages.)
- Configurable delay between messages.
- Messages displaying next map & gametype.

- Conquest gametype supported.
- Ability to have killcam on with forcerespawn.
- Fixed a stock UO respawn bug in Domination and Base Assault.

|------ Everything described below can be customized by cvars ------|

HUD Settings
- Crosshairs can be disabled (forced off) for all players.
- The names at the crosshair, when pointing at a teammate, can also be disabled for all players.
- The entire HUD can be disabled for all players.
- The dogtags on the scoreboard, which show if a player is currently dead, can be disabled.

Damage Handling
- Players drop their weapons when they are hit in the hands.
- Players drop their weapons when they are hit in the arms.
- Players fall over when hit in feet.
- Players fall over when hit in legs.
- Realistic falling damage.
- Helmet/hat drops when hit in head and/or helmet.

- Obituaries can be turned off.
- Teamkill obituaries can be turned on when all other obituaries are off.
- Optional message which tells a player by who he was killed if the obituaries are off.

Spawn Protection
- Spawn protection.
- Customizable spawn protection time.

- Breath effects in winter maps.
- Mod logo underneath compass.
- Third Person spectating.

Client Settings
- Forced auto-downloads.
- Reset default values upon disconnecting.
- Allow/disallow Unknown Soldiers.

HQ Specific
- Option to disable the "Losing HQ" progress bar in HQ.

S&D Specific
- Randomized plant and defuse time.
- Bomb ticking sound can be disabled.
- Plant and defuse sounds can be disabled.

Weapon Settings
- Weapon drops on death can be turned off.
- Customizable clip loadout. (Battlerank only.)
- One primary weapon limit. (With the exception of panzerfausts.)
- Customizable weapon limits.
- Customizable smoke & frag grenade loadouts per rank. (Battlerank only.)

Spawned Weapons Removal
- Ability to remove spawned weapons in the maps. Those weapons are: FG42, MP44, Bazooka, Panzerschreck and Flamethrower.

3. Notes

- BJR Client Add-On:
Within the zip file, I have included a client pk3 file. You need to install this file on your server. This file needs to be put up for download, so it will automatically be downloaded to the client while connecting. To view the additional features of this client, refer to the "Features" section above and look for the "Client add-on" features.

- Rankbased Uniforms:
This mod contains rankbased uniforms, made by Godfried, which is a completely server-side feature. The player's outfit is determined by his/her current rank in the game. The oufit of a player will change when they have gained or lost a rank at the next respawn.

- Rankbased Uniforms(2):
I have currently put the rankbased uniforms in a seperate pk3 file, so it can conveniently be swapped on and off the server. I did this, because with the uniforms enabled on the server, the server might crash on certain big maps. This is also the case on mp_foy with the Base Assault gametype. The error message is: "ERROR G_ModelIndex: Overflow". Other gametypes seem to run fine on mp_foy with the uniforms enabled. Whenever that error message pops up, just take the uniforms off of the server and try again, or choose another map and/or gametype. This will most likely solve the problem.

- Third Person Spectating:
Players can switch between first person and third person view by pressing the Use-key (default: F) while spectating.

- Unknown Soldier Handling:
Players with the name "Unknown Soldier" will be automatically renamed on their next respawn to BJustReal Fan #x, where x is a number between 0 and 10000. Let me know and see when you get BJustReal Fan #1 in your server.

4. Installation

The mod is SERVER-SIDE, so clients do NOT have to download it.

Before moving on to the installation instructions, I have to state here that the mod is NOT compatible with other realism mods. Also, the mod IS compatible with lots of other mods, like skins, models etc., but this mod is NOT compatible with mods that have the following files in the pk3 file:

	Any files in the /info folder
	Any files in the /maps/mp/ folder
	Any files in the /maps/mp/gametypes folder
	Any files in the /vehicles folder	
	Any files in the /weapons/mp folder

On to the installation instructions:

1) Extract the pk3-file(s) to your fs_game folder or, if you don't use an fs_game folder, to the main folder.
2) If you are using the client, make sure it is also put up for auto-download.
3) Copy all of the CVARs listed below in your config file.
4) Restart the server.

5. CVARs

For every cvar and a short description of their functionality, please refer to the bjrcvars.txt file. These cvars can be copy/pasted into your server's config file.

6. Contact

The official site, complete with FAQs, features, cvars and so on is located at:

If there are any questions, issues, bugs to report or something else that is not mentioned on the site, you can post on our forums. The BJR forum is located at:

If you are really desperate, you can e-mail me at:
  bjusterbaarlik [AT] gmail [DOT] com

7. Credits

BJustReal Realism

Made by:

-={AA}=-Bjusterbaarlik & Godfried

Thanks to:

- Burning bodies code.
- Scripts in the "Next Map messages" feature.
- Parts of the Spawn Protection script.

- Vehicles (Further modified by me).

- Server message script (Further modified by me).

- Fix for the FG42 empty-clip reload animation.

- Destroyable Flak 88.

[1st AD] Sgt. Young [TGN] 
- For bringing me back to UO.
- Extensive testing.

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