Bocage by {Ls} ( Loicus )



Here's an interesting map from {LS} ( Loicus ). Basically this is a smaller remake of the map Bocage, with a few add-ons. New features such as destructible walls, operable doors, and even a secret. I could definitely see this as a Zombies map, or even as a LAN party map. Some of the textures are lacking a bit, they don't really fit in, but what it lacks is certainly made up for in the fun factor!

If you like what you see, or just want to try this map out, then download this now! :D




This map runs on {Ls}Server ( now {Ls}zombies and {Ls}Merciless )

Small map ( i have discover 1 glithe only not verry bad )

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Our Server : 
In the weeks  : {Ls}Zombies
Tuesday, Wednesday ( 16 H - 19 H ) : {Ls}MErciless

Good map => We can open a door ( in the garage )
you can destruct the walls ( fire or bash )
and you have a present in this map ;)

Have Fun

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Cette map tourne sur {Ls}Zombies et {Ls}Merciless
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Sur le serveur :
Le week-end : {Ls}Zombies
Mardi et mercredi apres midi : {LS}MErciless

Rejoignez nous ;)

Bocage : ouvrez le garage avec le levier juste a coté
Les murs ne sont pas indestructibles
Des pieges vous attendent

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