Boom Normandy

Here's a semi-good rendition of a scene from WWII-torn Normandy (duh) by a new developer in the database known as ''Boom. This CoDU...

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File Description

Here's a semi-good rendition of a scene from WWII-torn Normandy (duh) by a new developer in the database known as '[AFA]'Boom. This CoDUO DM/TDM/SD-compatible map features a look we're all familiar with, but only less exciting. For example, the flat terrain is pretty boring, the buildings and textures are plain, and the trenches look like they were cut with microscopic precision (i.e. they're not realistically done). Anyway, check out the screenies, and if you think you'd enjoy it, give it a download. :)


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Map Name		boom_normandy
Author			'[AFA]'Boom

Clan			AFA (Arisen From Ashes)


Game			Call of Duty - United Offensive

Release			January 4, 2007

Supported Gametypes	Deathmatch		- 32 spawns
			Team Deathmatch		- 32 spawns
			Search & Destroy		- 16 spawns per team

Instalation		Put the pk3 file into your *Call of Duty/uo* folder



This is my very first map. It started as a little test, after I downloaded Radiend and some tuts.
I decided to build a single House (which now stands in the middle of the map), including the models inside as an experiment.
Later, I decided to add a small backyard and a street in the front. 
Later at school, probably during a very boring subject, I thought of adding another buildng (the barn), and i started drawing a plan,
which was somewhat similar to what my map looks like today. It took me a lot of trouble, especialy with compiling, but thanks to 
the help of Horseman, I got through them and finally today (Dec. 27, 2006) I'm ready to release it.

The Map:

The location is somewhere in Normandy, early in June 1944 (following D-Day). The map is not based on an actual location.
Hmm, let me make up a short story....
A small group of American Soldiers is sent to locate a small german HeadQuarters, somewhere out in the farms of Normandy.
They are to destroy any german armor, search for any documents and ammunition supplies and capture the german command post.

The map includes a small farmfield, a barn, some hills, house, a small German HQ, trenches and....hmm...  :)
There's a map included in-game as well...


Special Thanks:

First I would like to thank anyone who was involved into making of Call of Duty and the mapping/modding tools.
Everyone at for the great site, especially Wyatt Earp and Jdawgg for their exelent tutorials.

10-78 Horseman - If it wasnt for him, I would have given up, and never get past my compiling problems and some other stuff too.

'[AFA]' Clan - For being such an awesome clan and supporting my work on this map. You people Rock!!!



If you would like to contact me, feel free to visit my clan's website ( and send me a Private Message.
My username on the website is Boom.

Also for help with mapping make sure you check out
You will find everything you need to map or mod there, i guarantee it... :)

Visit our website:

For AFA clan info you can also try this link:

Hope you like my very first map :)
Have fun Codding...


'[AFA]' Boom

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