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Here's an all-new single-player campaign for CoDUO with—yes, you're hearing me right—12 single-player maps! :D You play an American 3rd Infantry Division soldier fighting the war in Africa, Italy, and Normandy, and there's plenty of war going on. ;) See the screenshots, and play this sweet new single-player campaign today! :)




Map Title                : Call of Duty Assault
Map Version              : 1
Author                   : Gunrock
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : 


Game                     : Call of Duty United Offensive

Supported Gametype       : Singleplayer

Map Size                 : 12 : Single Player


Contents of this Package :

     12 single player maps. Your a American 3rd Infantry Division Soldier 
     fighting the war in africa, italy and france normandy.


Installation Instructions:

  1. Extract Call of Duty Assault into your MAIN Call of Duty folder. for example:  C:Program FilesCall of Duty 
  2. You should then have a folder called coda and a call of duty assault shortcut icon and a 
     call of duty assault batch file. CLICK on one of the two to begin Call Of Duty Assault.
  3. You can also send call of duty assault shortcut icon to your desktop.


Construction Time        : A few months on and off.

Custom Content           : The M3a1 grease gun.

Known Bugs               : Not really a bug but on some levels where you 
                           and your allies will fight along side sherman tanks
                           will sometimes run over your friends! Couldn't help this. 


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Thanks to everyone who helped me with this at
     www.modsonline.com and to anyone who's scripts I may have


Special Thanks           :

     Title main menu by  www.3rd-infantry-division.net
                         [email protected]          
     The 3rd Infantry Division Soldier skin created by Captain Julian Higgins.
     HigginsBoat model by Alex P. Hanson
     CoD/UO Sound Pack by ChalkPit

     The grease gun created by Ziegen 

     The modified searchlight script by BDBODGER & BODGER2
     And others who i might forget.


Additional Notes         :

One of the oldest military organizations in the United States, the 3rd Infantry Division has participated in almost every major conflict our Country has been involved in. During World War One, the Division earned the nickname "The Rock of the Marne" for it's outstanding performance in one of the pivotal campaigns of the war.
In World War Two, the Division fought from the North African landings in 1942, and into Tunisia. Taking part in the amphibious landings in Sicily, they crossed over into mainland Italy, and experienced hard fighting up the peninsula.
The Third took part in the Anzio landings in February 1944. After the fall of Rome four months later, the Division was withdrawn from Italy, and landed in Southern France to create the "hammer" to the "anvil" of the armies that landed in Normandy.
The "Rock" fought it's way into Germany, and at the end of the War was one of the few American Divisions to have been in combat continuously from the start to the end of the American involvement, and still end up in Germany at the finish



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