COD and CODUO Purity Utility v1.0

This will check the purity of your .pk3 files

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File Description

This will check the purity of your .pk3 files

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Title: COD and CODUO Purity Utility
Version: v1.0
Author: xXezekielXx

-+[ Step-by-Step ]+-
  1. Place the two .exe files ("COD and UO Purity Toggle.exe" and "COD and UO Purity Utility.exe") anywhere you want.  Yep!  Anywhere.  Just make sure to keep the two of them together.  I suggest you place them on your desktop for quick and easy access.
  2. Run "COD and UO Purity Utility.exe".
     a. Use the "Browse..." button to locate and select your Call of Duty folder (eg: "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty").
     b. The toggle will only move pk3s for the games that are checked.  For example, if you only check "United Offensive",
         the toggle won't enable/disable pk3s in your 'Call of Duty\Main' folder.
     c. The bottom section is solely used to mark files that should never be disabled.
     d. Clicking the "Exit" button will close the program and save any changes you made.
     e. Each time you start the utility, your previous settings will be loaded into it, given that their container file
         ("COD and UO Purity Toggle.ini") hasn't been moved or deleted.
  3. The settings container file ("COD and UO Purity Toggle.ini") must be in the same folder as the toggle.  However,
      you may delete the utility program at this point if you are not planning on reconfiguring your settings later.
  4. From now on, you can simply run the "COD and UO Purity Toggle.exe" program to toggle from pure to unpure.
      All you have to do is double-click it, and it will determine if you are currently pure or unpure.
      Then, it will act accordingly by moving the necessary files.  A dialog will appear that shows the
      current status of your game but only if that status has changed.

-+[ Notes/Tips ]+-
 -This program will work with any version of Call of Duty or United Offensive up to versions 1.5 (COD) and 1.51 (UO).
 -You can put the utility or toggle wherever you want for quick and easy access.

-+[ Contact Information ]+-
 -AIM: zekecoasterfreak
 -E-mail*, MSN: Download the zip to see!

   *If you e-mail me, please put something like "CoD Program - COD and CODUO Purity Utility v1.0" in the subject line, so I don't mistake your mail for trash!

-+[ Copyright Junk ]+-
  Internet copyright stuff protects my work as my own, so don't steal anything and you won't get in trouble.  If you'd like to use any of my things for whatever reason, just drop me an e-mail or IM me and we'll talk from there =).

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