CoDUO Bloodlust Xtreme Gore

WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.


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File Description

WARNING: The following mod contains extreme amounts of blood and gore and is not recommended for players under 18 years of age.

Here's another one of those crazy mods for gore and blood as we've seen many times before, this one being for CoDUO. The Bloodlust Xtreme Gore mod ("Bloodlust XG") borrows features from AWE UO 2.12, Merciless UO 3, GOM Extreme+, Rifle Platoon, B@stard's COD:UO SP Mod, Admiral Mod, and WRM Mod, as well as new features from Bloodlust himself. Download it if you're into this sort of thing, and I'm sure you'll like it.


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Readme File:
Call of Duty United Offensive: Bloodlust Xtreme Gore
Edited by Bloodlust


Contact Info:


Call of Duty United Offensive - Version 1.51

There should be NO OTHER MODs installed!

This MOD does NOT WORK with Linux, only Windows servers.



Bloodlust XG Mod features: 

Features borrowed from AWE UO 2.12: 

01. Unlimited amount of rotating server messages. 
02. Weapon and ammo limiting. 
03. Drop weapon on hand or arm hit, tripped on leg or foot hit. 
04. Searching dead bodies for weapons or health packs. 
05. Anti team killing, anti team damage, anti camping, spawn protection. 
06. Supports AWE CTF (actf), Attack and Defend (ad), Hold the Flag (htf), Last Team Standing (lts), Objective (obj).
07. Burning bodies when killed by fire. 
08. Cool obituary routine that tells who killed who using what weapon and at what range. 

Features borrowed from Merciless UO 3: 

01. Obligatory head explosions (decap) with blood squirting out of your neck, blood pooling, blood trails, bleeding to death. 
02. Health based player speed. The more you're wounded, the slower you move. Not a problem if you believe in team work (hint hint). 
03. Anti-personnel land mines, Flashbangs, Tear Gas, Molotov Cocktails, Mustard Gas. 
04. Choking, screaming, and pain sounds. 
05. If you are very close to some you bash or shoot, blood will splatter on your screen. 
06. If you are using a punk ass flamethrower and you get shot in the upper torso, you will explode. (serves you right!) 

Features borrowed from GOM Extreme+: 

01. Ammocrates during team based gametypes. 
02. Base code for random aircraft flying overhead. 
03. Some code for determining the current map's dimensions (used for airplanes). 
04. Tank main cannon and both machineguns ammo limiting. 
05. Destructable Flak 88s and ammo limiting. 
06. Expanded explosives code base to make all grenade, smoke grenade, and satchel slot weapons able to be stickied or trip wired. 
07. The ability to heal yourself or team mates with First Aid Kits. 

Features borrowed from Rifle Platoon: 

Realistic fall off damage for all weapons, which lessens damage over the distance from shooter to target. 

Features borrowed from B@stard's COD:UO SP Mod: 

If you are killed by artillery or any explosive weapon, there is a chance you may explode and leave a big blood and guts stain along with several body parts lying around. 

Features borrowed from Admiral Mod: 

Code to make on-screen blood splatters drip down the screen. 

Features borrowed from WRM Mod: 

Player weapon jamming. 

New features by Bloodlust: 

01. Support for all stock and custom gametypes. 
02. New fire sounds for all weapons. 
03. Airplanes can crash then explode into 7 or 8 pieces and kill you. 
04. The plane crash models, smoke and fire last for 30 seconds and the fire will kill you if you walk through it. 
05. Made ammocrates destructable and your entire team earns one point for destroying an enemy ammocrate. 
06. New pulsing pain screen stolen from Call of Duty 2. hehehe 
07. New player models: Black American, Nazi Sturmtruppe, Russian Army tunic soldier.
08. Non-winter Russian maps use the Russian Army tunic soldier. 
09. Crosshairs and team mate names in crosshairs are forced off by default. 
10. Removed parachuting and random mortars. Most people dont use or like it anyway. 
11. Removed female player models, the zombie player model, and the "Zombie's Revenge!" gametype. 
12. Removed remote detonateable weapons (sticky weapons and tripwires are still active in the mod). 
13. Rearranged some HUD element positions. 
14. All tanks except for the Elefant and SU-152 have 50% increased speed. 
15. Hard coded the most common AWE UO, Merciless UO, and gametype settings to reduce gamestate. 
16. Added some new choking, screaming, and pain sounds. 
17. Added four new punishments for Team Killing and Team Damage: dropped on your head, crushed by a hedgehog, burned to death, locked in place and weapon disabled. 
18. Custom compass. 
19. Custom colored HUD icons for deaths, stances, tank and Flak 88 reticle, etc. 
20. Weapon selection menus features pictures of real weapons. 
21. Added alot of miscellaneous sounds, like tank sounds, grenade explosions, airplane sounds, stuff like that, for an overall more realistic feel. 
22. Tweaked the weapons to be more realistic. 
23. Custom smoke grenade, flashbang, tear gas, and mustard gas skins. 
24. A few custom weapon skins from various sources on the internet. 
25. Added options to allow players to capture flags and radios while in a vehicle.
26. Burned body skins for death by fire. 
27. All new decapatation, wounded, explosive death, and killed skins. 
28. You can be knocked out by a bash instead of just killed.
29. You can pass out from loss of blood.
30. You can now blow up the corpses of fallen players. 
31. Molotav Cocktail, Mustard Gas, and Tear Gas area effects are now constant, no more judging by player's distance to inital explosion for activation of effects. 
32. Enfield, KAR98k, and Mosin Nagant bolt rifles now have a bullet activated grenade launcher.
33. Grenade launchers share your standard grenade ammo capacity. If you have 4 throwable grenades and you shoot one from a grenade launcher, you will have 3 throwable grenades left.

And probably some other stuff I cant think of at the moment, I'm sure...

If I have failed to give credit to you for something in this mod, let me know and I will add you in ASAP. 

This mod is geared exclusively towards realism. 
If you dont like realism mods, then you won't like this one. 
Although this mod is based on AWE UO and Merciless UO, it is NOT intended to be a clone of them!

Base Assault will usually crash on the Foy map with a Max_GameState_Chars_Exceeded error.
I've done everything I could to fix it, just aint happening...



1. Extract the files and put them in a folder named BloodlustXG (exactly as typed).

2. Copy this folder to your Call of Duty folder on your computer and on your server, so that it looks like: Call of Duty/BloodlustXG

3. Move the Ville_de_Sang.pk3 map file to your Call of Duty/uo folder on your computer and on your server.

4. Look over the server.cfg file and customize it to your liking.

5. Add to your server's command line: +set fs_game BloodlustXG +exec server.cfg (you may have to get your game server host to do this for you).

6. Restart your server.

7. Play the mod!

The file zzz_svr_BXG_serverfiles.pk3 will NOT be downloaded by clients and is intended strictly for the server's use. 
You will NOT need this file on your own personal computer and should remove it. 

If you have trouble installing this mod or notice any bugs in the mod go to the forums for support at: 

Please DO NOT email me or PM me on my website for support! Use the forums!

Have fun!



Use at your own risk!

This file may be given to anyone and offered to download as long this ReadMe is not changed or deleted.

All other points of the official licence arrangement of Activision Inc. are effective without any limitation!

This modofication is not built or supported by Activision Inc., 3100 Ocean Park Boulevard, Santa Monica, California 90404.

Created by Bloodlust © 2007

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