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Here's a very cool new CoDUO multi-player mod by a developer known as DooMest. The mod is aimed at improving gameplay by promoting teamwor...


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Here's a very cool new CoDUO multi-player mod by a developer known as DooMest. The mod is aimed at improving gameplay by promoting teamwork through realism instead of arcade-style balance as we often see in stock games. There are quite a few changes to the weapons and vehicles of the game -- way too many to list here -- so I'll just refer you on down to the ReadMe to get the gist of what the mod has to offer. :) After having at it myself, though, I have a feeling a good number of you will be pleased with the new mod. If that's the case, make sure you post your server information for those of us who want to play! :D


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*Call Of Duty United Offensive Teamplay Enhanced Mod*

This mod is a multiplayer mod that edits certain aspects of the game. Weapons are harder to use, thus, you will have to learn how to use Fire and Suppression tactics. Try to pair up with another teammate.
Basically, it's:
-Once a target(s) is located, you find and use cover to help defend yourself (i.e. stone wall or wooden fencing)
-Suppress the enemy with gun fire. Control your ammo, use small controlled burst fire.
-Have your teammate swing around on his flank *Flank is a undefended side to a enemy*
-The person flanking must try not to be spotted and be ready to hit them fast before they see you.

This is more effective and gives the game much more better gameplay and WW2 expirence.

Tanks have been edited to their more real self. (i.e. Sherman is not the equal to a Panzer IV)

Tank fighting will now force players to actually use different tactics to make up for their disadvantages.
Here are tactics for every side since each side's tanks are now unique (except british since they use Shermans as well)

Americans (and British):
-Use the Shermans speed to prepare to jump Panzer IV tanks.
-You are faster, try to race to it's rear and lay in some nice shots!
-Have infantry with you, you're not as powerful as you used to be!
-Having trouble with those german tanks? Use your new modified bazookas!

-Your T34 tanks are a nice mixture of speed and strength. However your rear is still the same as before.
-Use your improved bazookas to help and nail German armor groups.
-Your Su152 Tank-Destroyers are slower but much more powerful. Support it so that it's not as vulnerable.
-Your Panzer IV tanks are now more powerful then ever. However you're not as fast as you used to be and your rear is vulnerable.
-Your Elefant tanks are slower but much powerful, supporting it with Panzer IVs and infantry will make it almost unstoppable.


American Weapons:
-M1 Garand rifle is now much stronger, however, it has a heavier kick back and a larger sway.Zoom increased.Now able to reload in mid clip.
-Thompson's damage has been raised. It has more kick back. Clip size decreased to 20 rounds.Zoom increased. (Better flanking weapon)
-B.A.R. kick back slightly increased. Damage increased.Zoom decreased.
-Springfield damage increased.
-.30 Cal Machine Gun's damage increased. Clip size is now 150. (Better suppression weapon)
-Pineapple grenade damage radius increased. Damage lowered.
-.50 cal is now stronger.
-Bazooka damage increased. Increased to 6 extra rockets.

British Weapons:
-Sten damage lowered.
-Bren damage increased. More kick back.

Russian Weapons:
-Nagant damage increased. No longer can reload in mid clip.
-PPSH kick back highly increased.
-SVT40 Damage increased. Zoom increased. Kick back increased.
-Nagant scope damage increased.
-DP28 Damage increased.

German Weapons:
-Kar98k damage increased. No mid clip reload.
-MP40 damage decreased. Zoom decreased. Fire rate increased.
-MP44 damage increased. Kick back increased. Sway increased.
-Kar98k scope damage increased.
-MG34 clip size increased to 150. Increased damage.
-Panzershreck damage increased. Increased to 6 extra rockets.

-MG42 damage and fire rate increased.


American Tanks:
-Sherman Speed increased. Life decreased (not drastically).

Russian Tanks:
-T34 front armor increased. Speed increased.
-Su152 damage increased. Speed lowered. Stronger front.

German Tanks:
-Panzer IV front armor increased. Damage increased. Speed lowered.
-Elefant tank damage increased. Speed lowered. Front armor increased.

I hope everyone enjoys this!


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