CPX Mod Manager Lite



Here's a cool new utility that helps you manage the pk3s in your UO folder. ;) It's particularly good for making your game pure or switching between differing mod setups, so if you want to make your life easier, then download this now!



--The CheckList--

Its pritty strait forward. The program scans two folders, the mod folder and 
the backup folder. With a fesh list, checked files are in the mod folder and
unchecked files are in the backup folder. Modify the list the way you want
the press the submit button. This will move all checked files to the mod 
folder and unchecked files to the backup folder.


The cpxmm.cfg file contains the mod folder path and a list a whitelisted
files. The first line of the file is your mod folder path. You can edit this 
path manualy or use File->Select Path to use a folder browser dialog. The
second line is blank. The rest of the lines are a list a files to whitelistThese are files that are to remain in the mod folder. You have to edit this
list manualy. One file per line with file extentions. There has to be
atleast one file in this list. If you don't want to whitelist any files then
remove the list and add something that it wont find like ' xxx.xxx'.

--Menu Items--

File->Select Path:
Choose your mod folder incase it is not in the default place.

Quit the Mod Manager.

Action->Select All:
Puts a check next to all files.

Action->Deselect All:
Removes the check mark next all files. Whitelisted files are not affected by

Action->Inverse Selection:
Inverts the check mark selection Whitelisted files are not affected by

Action->Refresh List:
Rescans the folders and recheck the files accordingly. 

Displays this info. But you knew that already.

Displays some additional info.


Email [email protected] with any bugs or sugestions.

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