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Here's an update to the previous CPX Mod Manager Lite, which features the same excellent organizing capabilities as the first one plus even more than before. ;) You can now manage multiple folders with greater ease, "whitelist" files (in other words, keep them from being fooled with), and even save and load special mod selection groups as well! This tool would be excellent for servers who change their mod setup on a regular basis or even the client who wants that extra bit of control, so check out the screenshot below, and download it now! :D



CPX Mod Manager lite v2.0 is an extended version of previous releases. The basic operations are the same, but it is now easyer to manage multiple folders. Whitelists can now be added/updated though the program. Selection groups can be saved and loaded. And the program window is now resizeable.

--The Check List--

Its pritty strait forward. The program scans two folders, the mod folder and the backup folder. With a fesh list, checked files are in the mod folder and unchecked files are in the backup folder. Modify the list the way you want then press the submit button. This will move all checked files to the mod folder and unchecked files to the backup folder.

--cfg's / Whitlist--

Each backup folder contains a cpxmm.cfg that the info for that folder. The first line of the cfg is the path to the main folder. The second line is ignored and should remain blank. All the following lines contain file names with file extentions that are whitelisted (one file per line). The main folder path is required, having whitelisted files is not.

--Program File/Folder structure--
In the root CPX Modmanager folder you will have this programs exe file, cpxmm.cfg, fm20.dll, fm20enu.dll, this readme and 2 folders (backup and savedsel). The cpxmm.cfg in this directory contains the name of the default backup folder. The name must corispond with on of the folder names located in the backup folder. The two dll files are only need if you do not already have these installed. The program will install these for you if they are not installed. This readme file is required for the Help->Readme menu function to work.

The savedsel folder contains cfg files that hold saved file selections from the program.

The backup folder contains a folder for each of the main folders you use with this program. Each subfolder contains a folder named 'files_bak', this is where your files are moved to. It also contains a cpxmm.cfg file that holds the path and whitelist info for that main folder.

-- \ End of list--
The '\ End of List' line at the bottom of the list is a dummy line. When you resize the window the bottom line can get cut off. This line was added to offset this bug. This line is ignored and will not be saved to selections or whitelists.

--Menu Items--

Same as the submit button. Moves checked and unchecked files to there proper place.

File->Save Selection
Saves a cfg file of the currently checked files (minus the whitelist). You can load the selection from the Selections menu, this will check all the files that were saved in that cfg. Used to create groups of files.

File->Delete saved selection
Shows a dialog with a list of all the currently saved selections. Select the file you wish to delete.

File->Set folder as default
Sets the current folder as the default folder. The default folder is opened/scaned each time the program is run.

File->Save Sel as whitelist for folder
Saves the currently selected/checked files as the whitelist for the current folder.

File->New Folder
Allows you to choose a new folder to manage. A backup folder is creaded for the new folder and the folder is added to the 'Folders' menu in the program.

File->Delete current backup folder
Deletes the backup folder folder for the current folder. All info will be deleted including the whitelist. *** The program will warn you if it finds backed up files in the folder, But if you ok the warning dialog these files will also be deleted. ***

Quits the program.

Action->Select all
Selects/Checks all the files in the list.

Action->Deselect all
Deselects/unchecks all the files in the list. Whitelisted files are ignored, these cannot be unchecked.

Action->Inverse selection
Inverses the selection. Checked files become unchecked. Unchecked files become checked. Whitelisted files are ignored, these cannot be unchecked.

Action->Refresh list
Rescans the main folder and corresponding backup folder. Any modifcations to the list that were not submited will be lost.

The Folders menu contains the names of backup folders. Click one to manage that folder. To add to this list, create a new backup folder with File->New Folder.

The Selections menu contains the names of saved selections. Click one to load that selection. Multiple Selections can be loaded with a single list (files are not unchecked only checked). To add to this list, save a selection with File->Save selection.

Open this read me.

Version info and email.


Email [email protected] with any bugs, sugestions or questions.

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