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Here we have a UO-only map by Khuskan and Prometheus for Capture the Flag. Check out the screenshots below, and see the ReadMe for a full b...

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Here we have a UO-only map by Khuskan and Prometheus for Capture the Flag. Check out the screenshots below, and see the ReadMe for a full breakdown of this action-oriented battlefield. :D

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

Yet another Khuskan/Prometheus groundbreaking ├╝bermap

(Usualy full)

This is the only known official internet release of ctf_bunkers_v2!
To our knowledge, all other players who have it, and theres a good 150 new players daily(!) of them, downloaded the map right off the 24/7 servers' high speed download slots. As intended, we're leaving the internet one version behind, for general player-trafficing reasons, so the night version, which runs in circulation with the day version, is currently ONLY available from the server.


And then God said: 'Let there be terrain', and there was terrain, and then God said: 'Let there be immenseley fortified next to uninfiltratable bunkers  and thus there were bunkers. Welcome to the new UO craze, BUNKERS! It's the new OMAHA! The premise is simple, two bases, one mile of terrain, one centeral bunker, teleporters, tanks and jeeps. Let the hell begin! This idea has been seriously catching on in our server for the past month or so, and so we decided to spread it about the network a bit. 10 verses 10 on one of the most action intensive strategicaly... strategicaly whatever maps around. Head to the roof with a panzershrek and rain carnage on attacking tanks, or rush to the middle and cut of the enemy reinforcement line, the choice is yours (and your teams)! Don the shiper rifle, and rack up the points picking off enemies as they lay in wait on the roof, or simply get on the flak 88 and see how many rounds you can pot through the enemy lines. This map plays well with anything between 6 and 40 players, and trust me, it fills up fast.


Place the ctf_bunkers_v2.pk3 file into 'x:/.../call of duty/uo/'. Note that this map will ONLY work on the United Offensive expansion pack. Sorry vannila lovers :P.


The IOU clan server ( Is the FIRST and ONLY server to recive updated and bug-fixed versions of bunkers. If you join and recive an invalid pk3 file error, you most likely need to update. To do this, click multiplayer options, and click 'Allow Downloading' Note, that unlike other servers, you should recive download speeds of up to 170 kb/s depending on your geographic position.


There will be a BUNKERS TOURNAMENT opening soon, with the address www.bunkersleague.tk. This website will most likey be up after our 40 player upgrade on the server, if it ever happens.


Most map, brush, model, terrain, spawn placement, lighting work - Khuskan
Some brush work and GSC coding (which is a LOT more than it sounds) - Prometheus


It has come to our attention that some servers are hosting modified versions of the bunkers v2 map. This is not only agains copyright law, but corrupts peoples previous versions, meaning they are unable to switch to different servers. Please note that it is against copyright and ownership law to edit the contents of the pk3 file and release it publicly. You are free to host this map on your server, and distribute this pk3. The .readme is included inside the pk3 file, however we would appreciate it if you zip the .pk3 in a folder with the readme on distribution. This grants the authors credit for their work, and allows contact to be made to them should questions arrise.


>> <<

All player statistics are recorded at www.iouclan.com, and updated daily!

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