Dawnville Winter

A winter conversion of our beloved Dawnville :D


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A winter conversion of our beloved Dawnville :D

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Download 'mp_dawnvillewinter.zip' (14.5MB)

Original map : Infinity Ward

Editor       : (3FJ)Werner
Website      : http://www.3fjtactical.com

Forums       : http://3fjtactical.proboards24.com/

Known issues : Some bullet decals register wrong - (ex. shoot snow in some spots & grass blades 
               fly up, etc.), consider it as a shallow snow in those spots. 
	     : You can run through two trees behind the hotel.	
Thanks       : |OCG|=gLiTcH=, for his outstanding help and models, check out his winter conversion 
               of brecourt: http://callofduty.filefront.com/file/Brecourt_Winter;30292

Notes        : I used some custom textures from the GFM Dawnville-demo, I didn't get a response hope                 they don't mind :(
	     : Can only be used for UO not for regular COD, sorry.	

Installation : Put it in your /uo folder and you are ready to go :)

Hope you will all enjoy.


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