De Cobble Clavo CSL Remixed Map Pack

)r* (haven't heard from him in a while). The names are confusing at...


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Here's a very cool collection of CoDUO multi-player maps by ~TWZ~The])r* (haven't heard from him in a while). The names are confusing at the very least, but once you get into the game, I guarantee you won't be worrying about that too much. :P The maps are available in the fairly standard DM, TDM, and CTF, so if you're into any of those gametypes, check out the screenies of the maps below and grab the pack now!


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Download '' (24.01MB)

Map: Zzz_De_Cbble+Clavo+Csl[Remixed].pk3(DM TDM CTF)
CoDUO 1.41 1.51 

Developed By:
What's this? Zzz_De_Cbble+Clavo+Csl[Remixed]


Place the Zzz_De_Cbble+Clavo+Csl[Remixed].pk3 in your CoD/UO folder. Map name is 

Maps Names de_clavo or de_cbble_remix or de_csl_cbble

Mod Support?  Yes
New Sounds?   Yes
New Textures? Yes

Greets to all you hard working mappers/modders.

Submitter: ~TWZ~The])r* 
Project Type: Multiplayer Map 
Est. Completion: Sat. 11/3/2007 

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