El Nastico Gigante's CoDUO Art Collection



By now you must be sick and tired of all the old WWII era art on your maps. So how about an upgrade? Yep, it's my One-of-a-Kind Art Collection for CoDUO. Enjoy this mean, ugly dude's portfolio of fine, timeless works of art. Famous works of art ( :D ) include Keeley Hazell, Elle McPherson, Nicole Kidman, and many others from the last 20 years. Whether you are a young player, or an old guy like me, there's something for everyone. Get your kicks cappin' a brother while he stares aimlessly at this glorious collection. It is a great distraction for new visitors to your multiplayer CoDUO server. The art, of course, is kid-friendly: no nudity!



Simply Drop the PK3 file into your UO folder, or include it in your server's
Mod folder.

Works with ANY Current Mod, or Game Type.

***[May work for COD 1, but untested. Does anybody play COD 1 anymore?]***


Feel free to include into your own mod, but please give proper credit...


To see more live visit us at [40]nOver VETS - Modern Weapons 2009

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