Flak 88 Server Options Expansion

This is a nice, small addition to a server wishing for more control over their Flak 88s. Download it now, give it a try, and leave your com...

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File Description

This is a nice, small addition to a server wishing for more control over their Flak 88s. Download it now, give it a try, and leave your comments ;).

Features -gives the ability to destroy/respawn Flak 88s -Flak 88s now have a short burn time as well as a final, deadly explosion (similar to vehicles) -two new CVars for control over Flak 88s -passes through sv_pure and Punkbuster (no need to worry, server admins) -works with all maps/gametypes that have useable Flak 88s

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=============================ServerSide Only=============================================

Flak88 Modification for CoD:UO 1.51




Developed by:


email: g_l_i_t_c_h@sbcglobal.net

For questions and/or bug reports, pm or catch me on the forums at http://www.ocgamers.net 
If all else fails shoot me an email.


This mod gives you the ability to destroy flak88's with the ability to respawn them. 
The flaks also contain a short burn time as well as explosion effects emitting damage 
to all thats around it. I've also added two Cvars for some control for the flaks. This mod 
also passes server pure & pb, so no need to worry. This mod was originally made for
CTF & BAS in mind, though it works with other maps/gametypes that have useable flaks. 
See bugs & issues below if you plan to use this for Search & Destroy. (S&D Not Recommended)

Notes & Installation:

This is a serverside mod and is not intended for the client, so if you choose to rename it, 
keep the svr part of it intact so it stays on your server and is not passed on. (Ex. zzz_svr_your_newname.pk3) 
Don't mean to write all the extra info into this, but there is some who don't know certain things, 
in return they will benefit for the extra blabbing. =P
To install.....just place the .pk3 file into your CoD/UO folder. 
To get rid of the mod, simply take it back out. 

Cvar usage:

As with most Cvars, a /map_restart is required for changes to take effect, same goes for this mod. 
By default of this script, I have set both Cvars to the what I feel is fair enough. 
To override my default settings....either make a server config or use the commands thru console. For either method, 
use /set before calling for the change, otherwise things tend to not stick.

(After Flak88 Death - respawn wait time)

/set scr_flak88_wait             //  in seconds - default values are set at 300 (5 minutes)
                                 //  set the seconds higher or lower to fit your needs

(Flak88 Health)

/set scr_flak88_health           //  default value of 16000 - set values higher or lower to fit your needs
                                 //  ex. 23 light tank shells will kill it (light tank shells = 700)
                                 //  although it depends on the power of the weapon - the more powerful
                                 //  the weapon, the faster it will die  

Bugs & Issues:

For the most part the mod is bug free. Although this mod hasn't ran together with some of the big mods out there, so we'll see how it goes. 
I seemed to squash everthing I could thru tons of testing and tweaking . Three issuses popped up along the way and I've added work arounds for now. 
This is why the Foy & Berlin .gsc's are attached. The changes are noted within each .gsc, though it doesn't in anyway affect gameplay for 
either map. It was due to the patch and the way they swapped out unfair flaks, they're still gone, just a different method for all this to work right.

=========================IMPORTANT FOR SD========================

The third issue has to do with Search & Destroy, If you plan on running a SD server with this
mod.....turn the health on the flaks really high so they aren't able to get blown up. If they do get blown, 
they will spawn back as a usable flak where as in some maps your not able to use them at all. Also on some SD maps, 
the flak is the objective....lol   I would only use this mod for SD with selected maps. Play at your own risk.

Outro & Greets:

Thanks to my testers over at |OCG|....
Thanks to AV--IW--GMI for the foundation of scripts to work off of....
Thanks to all you mappers and modders...way to many to thank!
And most definetly to all the admins and their hard work for hosting kick ass and well maintained mapping, modding, sites & forums!

If you choose to modify and/or redistribute this script within another mod....all I ask for is a heads up and a simple greet or 
some credit points in return. If a patch or something else tends to make this script buggy, keep your eye out for a revised version. 
For bugs, suggestions or something I've missed......the contact info to reach me is at the top. I also plan to release a different version 
of this script for the mapping community so they can use the script and ship it with their maps rather than this mod for control of their placed flaks.


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