ForestGreen's Personal CoDUO File Collection, Maps



ForestGreen is back with his huge file collection, but this time he brings us maps for Call of Duty: United Offensive! This pack includes 47 of some of the best maps for UO that you can find, and, not only that, but most of them come in multiple gametypes to suit your preferences. "The perfect 'kit' for newcomers and veterans alike!".

If this looks good to you (and it should, I mean, would you rather download 47 maps in one big package, or all of them individually?), then check the read me for all the included maps, and download ForestGreen's CoDUO Map Pack now! :thumbsup:




ForestGreen's personal CoDUO file collection 
Custom MP Maps: Pack 1


The perfect 'kit' for newcomer's & veteran's alike!. Would you rather spend time increasing
your "frag count"?. Or, several hours downloading individual files?.

Zip Content & Instructions:

47 Custom, multiple gametype, multiplayer maps, with jpg screenshot, & readme files.

Copy the 'pk3' files to your "CoDUOMain" directory folder.

Developer + UO Map name:

Benty ~ Sidesnipe

Boozer ~ A Bridge too Far v2.0
       ~ Heldoorn
       ~ Wilsum v2.0

Clint Farkas ~ Höllenberg

CODMAN ~ Beaumont Final

Col. Phil Bilko ~ Across the Border Fixed, Final

Colonel Angus ~ Rural Rumble Fixed, Final

Cornrow Wallace ~ Wesel

Drecks ~ Red Oktober v2.0 Final

Drecks & After-Hourz Team ~ Lazur Final

El Tyranos ~ Cobra v1.1 Without Tanks
           ~ Hillman v1.0 Final
           ~ Ouistreham 2.0

Fireball1 ~ Downtown Stalingrad v1.0
          ~ Island Assault BAS
          ~ Suicide Creek Final

Gerry ~ Amberville v2.0
      ~ Broadsword Final

HG Baby Seal Clubber ~ Dufresne Winter

HyBr!d ~ Lenin Square v1.0

Jdawgg ~ Office Final

Kals ~ Airfield Assault Final
     ~ Bircheshead
     ~ Kalsingrad Final
     ~ Northwood
     ~ St. Vith
     ~ U-boat Depot Final

Mark 'Slyk' Dittman & After-Hourz Team ~ Gun Assault Final 

Maver!ck & Voodoo ~ Mavoo Battlefield v2.0

Musashi ~ November Outpost v2.0

NANO Paulo88 ~ Haugesund Docks Final

Nash ~ Brest Assault
     ~ The Hawks Nest

NNLAN Slater ~ Crossroads v1.0

OCG =gLiTcH= ~ Destroyed Village

Pvt. Thunder ~ Podole BAS

Ricsta & Janova ~ Neuville v1.0 Final

Rob 'StormHammer' Bowen ~ Storm Force 2

Rogue ~ Benouville

Sear ~ Dniprov v1.5 Final

Sgt. DeAtH ~ Berchtesgaden Final

Siffer ~ Brjansk v2.0b
       ~ Borisovka v2.0
       ~ Castle Adlerstein v1.0

VikingWiedel ~ Viking's Omaha v3.0

Werner ~ Neuville Winter


I'd like to thank the 'FileFront Network' for hosting these files. And all modder's who's hard work is contained within/without
this package!.

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