Here's an excellent new CoDUO multi-player map by Hightree called Fultonia. The quality, layout, and playability are top-notch, but I had...


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Here's an excellent new CoDUO multi-player map by Hightree called Fultonia. The quality, layout, and playability are top-notch, but I had to grade it down a tad due to the somewhat boring rooftops. I would like either mixed up texture use (for example, some scorch marks or other discolorations to change up the repetitive roof texture) or perhaps items scattered around atop the buildings to take attention away from the textures. In any case, that's a very minor qualm. The map really is quite good and features all sorts of interactivities, including compatibility wtih DM, TDM, SD, BEL, and HQ. Just read on to see what kind of cool stuff this has to offer, check out the screenshots to see a look at a few of the better points, and download Fultonia for CoDUO now! :thumbsup:

  • Day and night version
  • Breakable windows
  • Exploding barrel to take out campers on the roof
  • Secret passage
  • Underground weapons bunker and tunnels
  • Fire and smoke effects
  • Doors and shutters that can be opened
  • Tanks drive by at random times
  • Custom Dutch foliage


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Download 'fultonia.zip' (8.07MB)


Map Title                : Fultonia
Map Version              : 0.37 beta
Author                   : Hightree
E-mail                   : [email protected]
Website                  : http://fulton.xs4all.nl
Sreenshots 		 : http://fulton.xs4all.nl/fultonforum/viewtopic.php?t=575


Game                     : CODUO

Supported Gametype       : Multiplayer
                         : Deathmatch
                         : Team Deathmatch
                         : Search & Destroy
                         : Behind Enemy Lines
                         : Headquarters

Map Size                 : 6-16 : Medium Map


Contents of this Package :

     Boring, boring, boring Fultonia is my home BUT I started
     mapping it only because it has a strong resemblance to the
     Stalingrad map from MOHAA.
     Some features of the map :
     _Day and night version
     _Breakable windows
     _Exploding barrel to take out campers on the roof
     _Secret passage
     _Underground weapons bunker & tunnels
     _Fire and smoke effects
     _Doors and shutters that can be opened
     _Tanks drive by at random times
     _Custom typically dutch foliage ;)
     We had such fun making & playing this map, we made a little
     WO-II action movie to show people what the map is inspired on.
     Fultonia is my first map and I learned a great deal while
     making it.
     It was rigorousely beta tested on our clan server
     fulton.xs4all.nl and grew in size, features and quality due
     to the enthousiastic feedback.


Installation Instructions:

     The map works for COD and CODUO
     For cod servers, put it in the "call of duty\main" map
     For coduo servers, put it in the "call of duty\uo" map
     Pick map from maplist when starting server (does not work for cod)
     Start with "map fultonia" or "map fultonia_night" in the console


Construction Time        : Off and on, one year

Custom Content           : Textures
                         : Plant models

Known Bugs               : 


Credit to Other Authors  :

     Prefabs and scripts used :
     _Breakable windows script by n00bCODmapper
     _Moving sky shaders from |OCG|=gLiTcH=
     _Gun rack prefab downloaded from modsonline... creator unknown.


Special Thanks           :

     Incredible thanks to modsonline and its fantastic community,
     without which this map (and my mapping skills) would simply
     not exist.
     All regulars on fulton.xs4all.nl (you know who you are)
     For their enthousiastic response and frequent voting for
     fultonia, there's nothing like seeing people enjoying your
     work to fill you with energy to work on the map.


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