ghostriderjr's Scoped and Unscoped Springfield



Here is the latest version for Ghostrider's scoped and unscoped Springfield. This update includes new skin textures, a world model, improved detail, and much more. Take a look at the screenies below and see the readme for the full update.




This springfield and un-scoped sprigfield was made by GhostriderJr(me).I made it because I had nothing else to do.

Updates: Made the iron sites better, made unscoped springfield reload with a stripper clip. re-made the scope lens. 

made world models.And I made a custom scope for the springfield.

added more detail, number on it.Re-skinned it.

Fixed the k98 name and icons to springfield icons.

Please don't take it and use it in your own mod without MY permission. Xfire me: svghostriderjr or email me: [email protected] if you want to use and and I'll let you.
I made it in MS3D (milkshape 3d)
Thanks to Martysocal for sending me pictures for the sites.
Place it in you Call of Duty UO folder 

C:Program Files/Call of Duty/UO

thanks for downloading Version 3.0!!!

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