Gun Assault (UO)

Here we have an awesome final version of the After-Hourz map Gun Assault for UO. Here's...

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File Description

Here we have an awesome final version of the After-Hourz map Gun Assault for UO. Here's what the mapper, Mark Dittman, has to say about it:

After-Hourz has officially released the 'final' version of 'GA' for United Offensive.

The map features the groundbreaking gametype 'Conqest/CNQ' that started it all over one year ago. Two new gametypes are also included, BAS and CTF. Both offering a great fast-paced option to the larger BAS and CTF maps.

Only the second custom map released to feature BAS mode, 'GA' includes two bases per team and in fairly close proximity that keeps the fighting always close at hand and requires a new level of coordination and support. Great for larger servers of 24-40 players, but equally as smooth and contested on smaller servers of 8+ players.

For download information, visit here: AHz - Gun Assault-UO Download Page

If you haven't tried 'Town Assault', you should. 'TA' picks up the battle from the fields of 'GA' and takes the CNQ gametype to further dimensions of bocage field battles. 'TA' was the first custom map released to feature BAS and also supports CTF. Great for medium to large servers, but interestingly nail-biting with smaller teams as well. Visit for more information on Town Assault and our other projects.

After-Hourz Website

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===           Multi-Player           ===
=== Release Date: March 4, 2005 ===

This map supports:
	CNQ - Conquest
	S&D - Search & Destroy is NOT supported in this version
	RE  - Retrival is NOT supported in this version
	DOM - Domination is NOT supported in this version

Players:  Any number.  Recommend 4-32.

                         CHANGE LOG:
* Added MG mounts to more trench areas
* New terrain for Plowed Field, improved shell craters
* Four MG mounts added to upper level of Manor House
* Portals improved for Plowed Field, East Road
* Repositioned German spawners for BASE mode
* Added MG mounts to bunker for all gametypes
* Added steps to one bunker field trench for better access
* Adjusted clipping along Plowed Field and South Field areas
* New player clip/barrier on south end of river; removed minefield
* Corrected clip bug at Allied Base #2 in BAS gametype
* Reworked terrain and cover items at 'Rifle Pit'
* Reduced number of spawners for CNQ gametype for lower gamestate load

VERSION BETA 2 / UO Changes:
* Improved/streamlined scripting.
* Cleaned up numerous terrain areas for efficiency.
* Additional rocket and satchel weapons.
* Removed two problem Axis spawners for CTF.
* Corrected several entity bugs in CNQ.
* Clip brush holes plugged.

***NOTE*** Due to 'max_gamestate_chars' error, version FINAL is much improved.  IF you still encounter this error/bug, please report it to the AFTER-HOURZ.COM forums.  Please include the gametype the error occured on, any mods, map files, etc that are on the server. 

VERSION BETA 1 / UO Changes:
* Added BAS gametype.  Each team has TWO bases to attack/defend.
* Added CTF gametype.
* Added multiple portable MG mounts throughout map.
* Dynamic elements that change by gametype to expand/constrict play area.
* NEW bunker system leading from the 'North Field' to the 'MG Bunker' for all gamemodes EXCEPT CNQ.
* Improved portal system...still a couple bugs to correct/maximize before 'final'.
* Improved surrounding terrain, hedges, off-map areas to be more visually attractive.
* Modified some terrain and static models to be more vehicle friendly.
* Added limited vehicels for BAS and CTF.
* Expanded play area on Allied end for CTF and BAS; 'West Farm' from 'Town Assault' now open to play in all gamemodes.


Installation Instructions:

     Place mp_uo_gunassault_final.pk3 in your Call of Duty/UO
     While it will run and play well in other gametypes, this 
     map is built and tuned to run best using the Conquest TDM (CNQ)
     gametype. Server admins who wish to run it in this mode will
     need the CNQ gametype files for their servers. Clients do not 
     need this file. It can be obtained from the Conquest TDM home
     page at After Hourz,

     Type this command:  /map mp_uo_gunassault
     On rare occasions some players may have problems loading the map. 
     If this occurs, try the following:
     Start COD:UO, and bring down your console using the tilde ("~") key.
     At the prompt type this:
     	 /seta com_hunkmegs "256"
     Now try to restart the game again. If you have any other problems
     email the author or stop by the After Hourz forums and we'll be 
     happy to help.

Map by:  Mark 'Slyk' Dittman
Scripting by:  Innocent Bystander

Introducing 'Gun Assault' for Call of Duty-United Offensive! VERSION FINAL
The long awaited UO update to 'Gun Assault' is here.  The map originally debuted in February 2004  Now you can help in the public beta testing of the map.  GA-UO supports two new UO game types, Capture the Flag and Base Assault and features the ever popular 'CONQUEST' game type.

'Gun Assault' is the prelude to 'Town Assault', setting the stage with the American troops having to drive the Germans back from the river and manor house, across the South and plowed fields, beyond the hotly contested ruins and the secured bunker system.  
Map/Mode components: 
- CONQUEST mode (CNQ) Capture each objective IN order to advance your team spawns and push the enemy back onto their base. 
- Intelligent switch hints. Approach a switch, it will display a 'hint' to you. For example: "Press [USE] to take control of the HOUSE and  
advance your team spawns." 
- Scripting that tells everyone WHO/PLAYER name that flipped a switch. 
- Bonus points to the player's team when an objective is captured. 
- Special effects..smoking ruins in the distance, other nice additions for ambient feel. 
- Enhanced defensive positions that promote teamwork and flanking attacks. 
- Larger play area to allow for more dynamic battles..real flanks and tactical choices. 
- Additional modes supported include: DM, TDM, BEL, BAS, CTF and HQ 
- And more... 


- Lighting.  This is NOT a *full* lighting compile.
- Not that any of you read this far in a 'readme' file, but if you have, please leave comments at forums.

- All the guys at  A lot of great feedback and bug hunting was done and it is appreciated.  Thanks also to all other server admins and players who took time to post input.
- Thanks to Innocent Bystander for tolerating me through the latter stages of this process.
- Individual thanks to Erratic and Poncherello for a lot of bug/visual oddity work and their huge zip file submissions.  :)   It made a difference.
- Other thanks are too numerous to give individually, but if I didn't mention you, I apologize, the crew at AHz know who they are and should be proud that they contributed to a solid product.



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