Here is a crazy fun map full of scripted events to change to the gameplay on the map. This is also the map with the ion cannon that was post...


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Here is a crazy fun map full of scripted events to change to the gameplay on the map. This is also the map with the ion cannon that was posted in the POTD not long ago. Look at the screenshots below to see all of the crazy things you can do and give Icehollow a try today!


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Icehollow BETA by NovemberDobby
This is my first real map, that I think is good enough to release. I co-made "mp_glass" with Kooga.

Unpack the ZzZz_Icehollow_BETA.pk3 file into Call of duty\uo.

Game: Call Of Duty: United Offensive Multiplayer
Title: Icehollow
Map name: Icehollow.bsp
Author: NovemberDobby

Quick Overview:

Ok, I added a lot of scripted events to help make this map fun.

On the map there is a stationary Flakvierling cannon. You'll find you can't get to this, because if you shoot near at it, it's surrounded by a field.

Self explanatory, use these to traverse the map at high speed. It uses a fixed velocity, so you won't use it to jump out of the map.

This can be found in the L-shaped house which has a corner broken off it, surrounded by another field. Press the glowing switch, jump into the rings, and wait. You'll get to choose wherer you want to go in a room which gives you the option.

Ion Cannon;
People have told me this is the maps' best feature, I don't argue ;) Setting it off is more difficult, as you have to look in the right place, at the right trigger. Go to the house with the computer in it (mine :D) and look at the inside corner of the desk. There is a trigger_lookat hidden there, which will make it obvious when it has been set off. Now look outside.
Having trouble finding the trigger?
(the selected bit, in the center)

Arena mode;
This part isn't done yet, but will be in the next version if I can be bothered. It teleports everyone to a large flat area underneath the map, where there is a FIGHT TO THE DEATH! Then stuff happens and the map goes on as normal. All a bit vague, I know. 

There's a map-based turret in one of the bunkers, go up to it and press E to use. It doesn't add to your score when you kill someone, as the beam goes through walls so wouldn't be fair anyway. If you're being shot by it, then go prone. It can't hurt you there.

Stairs trap;
In the house that has the ion cannon trigger, there is a trigger_use stuck on the wall somewhere, just after you come up the stairs. It retracts the stairs for a few seconds, so no-one can get up, then puts them back.

A few of the houses aren't furnished yet, and that's mainly why this is a beta release. I thought people would enjoy the above features a little more :) The script of the map is fulyl commented so have a read if you're interested. I won't be giving out the .map, and I won't make the ion cannon into an efx (yet), had a few people asking me that. I haven't used any prefabs in this map either.

Thanks to:
Beta testers: Kill3r, Kooga, Mossblaser, My business studies class :P

Date of starting map: 11th January 2007
Date of completion: 16th July 2007 (I had my GCSE's, ok?)
Compile time: Uhh...about 22 minutes.

Known bugs:
There are a few known bugs (turret?!), but in the event you find one, feel free to contact me. This is definately a beta.

Contact: (for support, bugs, etc)

Email:[email protected]
Messenger:[email protected]

(I try and keep one alias)

If enough people want this map for CoD1, then I'll port it. Or do it yourselves and ask me to release it ;)

Please don't use/rip any of the code without asking me first. Thanks.

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