Intensity UO Patch

Here we have the patch which will allow you to play the Intensity sp total conversion in OU!! The first version was for just CoD But by dema...

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File Description

Here we have the patch which will allow you to play the Intensity sp total conversion in OU!! The first version was for just CoD But by demand this has been released.

Class system with 10 classes and 40 kits, 40 new weapons, refreshing sounds, skins, and models, new difficulty, and more.

If you have the mod this is a must have, If you dont get them both :rock: To play original CoD Intensity, you have to remove the UO patch from the UO directory. And to play UO, you have to put it back. Regular CoD won't work with the patch in. UO won't work with it out.

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Re-Upload Request Restoration

The original version of the intensity single player total conversion
is for COD SP, NOT UO. That is why it doesn't work with UO. 
This patch should make the majority of the good stuff to intensity try to
work with UO. I haven't had time to test it much, but it should hopefully
work well.

Author: Bloody Eye aka Arkanin
version: EXPERIMENTAL .8 Alpha


Read or play at your own risk!

This is an EXPERIMENTAL PATCH. I am sure it loads fine if you install it right.
Past that, look at your downloading this as open beta testing when 
it comes to bugs. There may be some, but hopefully they won't be too serious.
That said, I can personally guarantee the quality of Intensity for CoD SP original.
But this version is experimental. And irritating things may happen. Or bad things.
Or worse. I don't know. I haven't had time to test it much at all.

So by playing this, you're making yourself a tester. Because the extremely
polished UO version is going to take me a lot of work. And that means it might
be a while before I have a high quallity version I can personally say i'm
satisfied with.

Please feel free to report any problems in this version to


Why did I release this so soon?


There was a ton of demand for a UO compatible version to be out asap.

Plus, I really want to play it in UO.

So I am giving you what I have made for myself.
The AI has not been customized, a handful of features in original CoD SP
intensity are also missing. The AI is probably going to be a little nicer
in this version until later 

It still has the neat class system and 40 new weapons, of course :)

And it should work right. I think.

Intensity has been very heavily tested for CoD original Single Player, but
not UO.

Info: This patch, when installed correctly, makes the intensity single-player
total conversion playable in UO.


Intensity Features





Place your zzzzz-intensitysp.pk3 file from the original installation (go here
to get it:;32062)
in your CoD / main folder. 

Put this little guy in your CoD / UO folder. All
should work without swapping files out or anything (save for multiplayer, you
need to remove intensity to do multiplayer as far as I know).

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