Jrs Mod



Here's a new mod by GhostriderJr that features a number of changes to the CoDUO weapons, as well as a few entirely new weapons. The ideas behind the mod are good, but in my opinion the skins and models need a decent amount of work. In any case, this version of the mod features the following new goodies:

-New Kar98k skin -Scoped Arisaka -Semi-automatic Lee-Enfield -More ammo




Here is a little sneak-peek of my latest mod for Call of Duty UO


V 1  I have made an Arisaka, a Type 100, a G43 with a silencer, and made my old Springfield better.
V 1.1 Made the Arisaka work, I restored my computer after a virus so I lost most of my work, but I had it on a flash drive. Made an MP40 with an Aperture site. And fixed the Springfields' clip(it had no texture).
v 1.2 Added my PPS43 to the game. Made the Arisaka skin less grainy. Added less recoil for the G43 with silencer and the MP40. Added a G43 with a scope. Added a BAR with a bipod and the site is up, less recoil for this weapon also. Made the stock M1Garand skin better. Made the guns show up on the weapons menu with another mod... I don't know who made it tho... I found it laying in my harddrive somewhere, so I don't know who to give credit to. The weapon menu only works for the German menu for now!
V 1.3 Added a new KAR98K, a custom semi-automatic Enfield rifle. Made world models. Made the weapon menu to work for all sides of the game... Russian, American ect. And added a secret weapon HEHEHEHEHE...Eh... It doesn't have world models tho...heh heh... Try finding it if you dare.!.!.! And made the guns have more ammo. OH and I added a scoped Arisaka! woot!
Please don't take anything from this file and use it in your own mod without MY permission. Xfire me: svghostriderjr or email me: [email protected] if you want to use and and I MIGHT let you.
I made it in MS3D (milkshape 3d) and a bit of thanks to COD5 for the idea. ''AND PLUSICE! WOOO! for the semi-auto Enfield idea.'' And kRuKu for inspiring me to add the scoped Arisaka.
Just a bit of humor- or not

Once there was a un-intellegent boy who's sister asked him to charge her cell-phone. He said yes. He then went to a store and bought a suit of armer and a spear. He then went home and charged with his spear at her cell-phone. Later his sister came and asked what he was doing. He then said, "Well, I charged your cell-phone, what do I get as a reward?" Smack! His sister then said, "That's your reward." I KNOW YOU LIKE IT! - By 
						    ME who made the mod!

Place zzz_jrs_mod_1_3.pk3 in you Call of Duty UO folder 

C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/uo

thanks for trying this mod! And maybe reading the joke.

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