Jrs Scoped MP44 for UO



Here's a neat-o little mod for UO. Courtesy of GhostriderJr, meet the Scoped MP44. It's looking for a home near you: namely, your harddrive. It wants to be used against unsuspecting prey on a volume of maps, you choose the one you like best. All it wants is to be held... and used...

Anyways, if you like the thought or liked the CoD2 version, check out the screenshots and download this now! :D




This Scoped MP44 was made by Junior(me).

V1 This is a mod that adds the CoD2 MP44 with a scope from the CoD1 Scoped Kar98k into UO. It has a slot on the German weapon menu also.

Please tell me if you are putting it on you server.Please don't take it and say you made it! Xfire me: svghostriderjr or email me: [email protected] and I'll give you permission to put it in "your" mod. It took 4 hours to fully complete.
I made it in MS3D (milkshape 3d) and a converter. Credit to Infinity Ward for making these 2 awesome games!
Place it in you Call of Duty UO folder

C:Program Files/Call of Duty/UO

thanks for downloading!

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